Games You Played Today Classic Mini


it really is. i def prefer mainline EDF’s approach but this game isnt as bad as insect armageddon by any means


::Chokes on a Miller High Life::


Someone teach me how to play Panel de Pon. It’s so hard. I am trying to learn but I can’t wrap my head around it.

I can scrape out a 5-chain at best, at beat me


I could also never get good at this game and thought maybe the game just isn’t good but then everyone I know loves it so I’m probably bad

I’ll just play Tetris or Dr. Mario instead k thnx


It’s a combined matter of the game requiring a different physical skillset as well as a different way of thinking compared to Other Games That I Play


The only thing my brain is good at doing is playing Connect Four apparently


A 5-chain is fine in Tetris Attack. That’s part of the bread and butter combo as the start, throwing in a 5+ line right afterward, and then sort of biding your time until they break their garbage stack. That second bit of the combo will create 3-5 cubes on top of the now smaller garbage block, insulating further garbage from being cleared. Then you throw on another 5/6-chain + 5-of-a-kind and repeat until they break from the pressure.


Wing it and move blocks into position at the last minute. There’s always something


That’s the plan so far


In my experience the “break from pressure” part never happens with most implementations of Panel de Pon and games just go on forever until an unforced error with two skilled players… it’s too easy to chain everything that comes out of the garbage and stall the death clock eternally. (Not sure if that’s because we were over-chaining instead of going for the “insulation” thing you’re talking about, but the concept of “over-chaining” seems unnatural anyway)


This. The skill ceiling is very low and easily met (not by me, of course). The time stop mechanic is a nasty pair with the damage curve not being steep enough


In Panel de Pon, because you can stop time, it is 100% always the best option to go for the biggest chain possible once time is actually stopped. Worst case scenario is you end up with a smaller chain than you intended. You can’t top out by trying to make a big chain–you can only top out by scrolling or letting damage fall (both of which can only happen when time resumes).

EDIT: er, I didn’t mean damage only falls during normal time. That aint true


Yeah, the skill ceiling is way lower than Puyo Puyo. I think I am (or was) near the ceiling in most of the realtime chainers (this, Magical Drop and Twinkle Star Sprites) but I’m mediocre at Puyo Puyo.

Starsweep (a later game by the creators of Panel de Pon) seems to have a higher skill ceiling and also doesn’t suffer from deadlocked games, so I’d recommend checking that out if you haven’t.


I love Starsweep. Starsweep is also a dead game.

I’ve heard some rumors about skilled Panel players at SBCon though, and I want to join the fray!!


It never lived. Maybe we can play Starsweep at SBCon if we both show up to one though!


I’m trying to hone my skills for (a surprise tournament I want to host at) Branson.

That includes working off my thick 2 inch layer of rust in Puyo


only 7 months away now, get cracking


I don’t know, to be honest, if it breaks the deadlock. It’s the trick speedrunners recommend against the CPU (which doesn’t really get going until Raven) and my skills are so fucking rusty from when I was emulating it back in University playing Very Hards daily. The last time I got to play (and show off) was in the first SBCon, and that was more trying to stay alive and think far enough ahead to chain then to optimize; it was the last day and I had barely any sleep.


Human players have the “Cmdr” tag before their names


I have no friends, so I don’t really have much else to look forward to