Games You Played Today Classic Mini


Linkle Liver Story is pretty cool, although for once I wouldn’t have minded an in-game tutorial for how to do things like weapon upgrades rather than a character telling me to ‘consult the manual’


Link Between Worlds is still a lot of fun and very addicting, even if you’ve already stripped the game clean twice in the past


I bought it on iPhone and as suspected it plays twice as well this way and feels like a bonafide classic

well done humble


it’s kind of great


Richard Garfield’s output sure is prodigious. Is he actually designing all these games or is he a bit of an executive producer or director type for promising games with the legwork by other designers? That was definitely his role with Artifact and I wonder if he’s also been doing it with board games too now?


Board games and card games distinguish between designer and developer. Designers do design the initial version of a game but developers then tweak and polish that design according to playtest feedback

Garfield is credited as a designer on Keyforge (and likely most other games he worked on)

Artifact may have fell short of its goals because of the differing cultures between video games and board games.


I’ve heard a lot about Keyforge being mediocre, which I found disappointing because I was excited about the concept. This is the first time I’ve heard positive takes on it. What makes it good? I’m interested in checking it out if it’s worthwhile.


The action economy, basically

There’s no mana or credits or anything like that in keyforge, you instead choose a single faction to play on your turn and you can only play cards, activate cards and discard cards of that faction. It sounds really strange at first but it feels so much better than any ccg where you can get screwed by your resource cards being absent from your opening hand.


I want to give it a shot because so many people who like card games like deckbuilding more than playing, and I’m the reverse. I think deckbuilding is a pain in the ass, and playing is way more fun. The moment magic lost me was when I realized moment to moment decisions didn’t matter as much as building decks.

It makes sense to me this game is running hot and cold for that reason. If you love deckbuilding, this isn’t even really the game you want at all. But if you like moment to moment choices, it sounds like it’s pretty good.


I am sitting on six Keyforge decks and no one to play with, which is a shame because I’ve enjoyed the few rounds I played around new year’s.

The game feels very tuned towards combining abilities and effects in satisfying ways; basically the thing I love about deck building in Magic, but built for you since you can’t build decks.


I love Netrunner, but I just play the base set like it’s a board game. I don’t build any decks, I just use the default ones. Sounds like Keyforge is made for people like me.


Yeah, that’s the other thing. I hate deckbuilding. I’m bad at making a deck do what I want in other card games, so I have a strong preference for this kind of “pre-packed deck” stuff.


just wanted to repeat that you shouldn’t sleep on Dandara if only because it’s the first really good fast paced action game on mobile in years since that market was thought to have totally evaporated. reminds me of playing hookchamp and ziggurat.


yeah I’ve kind of realized that I have to stop evaluating card games in their “perfect” state where everyone is fully invested and understands the rules and is capable of independently coming up with their own priorities around deckbuilding because I don’t know if I’ve ever played a card game in that state like ever

so keyforge is kind of the anti-perfect-state game and that’s why I like it so much - the action economy as @Tulpa mentioned makes it so that the central tension around your decisions revolves around /what/ you’d actually like to do, which is somehow super refreshing when thinking about the ways that most CCGs structure their decision making (using resource management mechanics governing actions) around /how/ you get to do what you want to do

like even in netrunner, which has one of the looser action management systems, you still have to pay for everything! which feels shitty when introducing it to someone who might not be as ready to dip into a card game. keyforge makes those kind of decisions really easy to understand by throwing all of that out

and like, I absolutely love deckbuilding! it’s why I’ve mostly been frustrated by how much I’ve spent on netrunner and mtg over the years; I love the idea of tinkering and personalizing a deck based on the things I like about the game, which sucks when the people you’d LIKE to play against aren’t interested or don’t have time to do that. and I don’t want to go out to a shop to get that experience come on

so yeah, everything around the game seems to prioritize just getting people to play and I like that a lot


Force of Will uses an entirely different deck for resource cards, and Kaijudo/Duel Masters uses a single card for one of three purposes: monster, mana, and shield (health)


both fun game


im continuing to foolishly play the division 2. i guess i wasn’t expecting much but it is absolutely incredible how incoherent any of the story shit is and how tenuously anything is tied together. like there are huge stretches where nothing happens and you’re just doing things because they’re on the map, and then there’s a cutscene where some shit happens out of nowhere and then you go back to doing what you were doing. it’s like all of it just exists so the game appears to be anything but a right wing death squad simulator at face value, like the first game was too explicit that you were playing a huge piece of shit so now they’ve made all the enemy factions totally vague and indistinct and the story almost non-existent so the facade holds up better. it’s a bad game!


Last night we played a round of Betrayal At Baldur’s Gate, which honestly feels like they just kind of mashed a fantasy setting into Betrayal At House On The Hill. They still call the second game part “haunts” even though they often aren’t horror-themed. The specific haunt we encountered transitioned very jarringly, with no explanation as to why things changed so fast; we didn’t have a “traitor” per se as the player running the haunt had to discard their character and control a minotaur monster instead. It was neat, but felt very disconnected from the game we had been playing beforehand.

I like Betrayal At House On The Hill but don’t own it, and I got a bunch of birthday credit, so I picked up Betrayal Legacy. Can’t wait to dive into it!


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So I’m playing Hello Neighbor, and my frustrations are:

  1. I ran into some glitch in my first run that made doors complete impassable
  2. They expect you to do all this convoluted adventure game shit under the added pressure of having to avoid detection, and it’s more frustrating than exciting especially because this game is janky as hell, good luck doing anything that leans on this game’s physics engine

I really wanted to like this, I love the premise. But the game is half baked and I have other ways to spend my time.