Games You Played Today Classic Mini


This looks very neat, thanks for the recommendation!


The side story in yakuza 0 with the “shady foreigner” yikes

The crossword puzzle one was cute though


Is that the pizza delivery one?


well at least you don’t have black people forcing japanese women into porn subquests.


i changed my PSN name to obamafamilyacct2 and im ready to get back into tekken


Neighbourhood had another power outage so I decided to play some more Captain Toad. I really find the midbosses in this game frustrating. They’re not hard, but the level of urgency compared to 99% of other stages really stresses me out, and these kinds of levels tend to require near-perfect execution that I tend to mess up because of the added stress, and that isn’t what I’m looking for when I’m playing a Captain Toad game.


Those levels are meant to be played with two people fighting over the camera.


Booted up Elite Dangerous after a week or so absence and decided to find meta alloy for this engineer who has offered to soup up my ship. Executed 21 jumps, my furthest excursion ever, out to near the Pleiades nebula, where there’s alien activity… my ship is not ready for combat so I was nervous.

Found some alien barnacles, nearly killed myself learning to drive my planetary rover, and finally mined some meta alloy. Phew.

In the process I got an invite from another engineer, so once I deliver this meta alloy to the first one, I’ma go see what this second one wants.

Hopefully not more meta alloy.

I find something really relaxing about firing through a series of jumps, exploring stellar bodies as I go.


Ok Ground Kontrol you did it. You’re my favorite arcade in Portland now. Good job.


I can’t lie, seeing this puzzle pop up put a big ol’ smile on my face.


Tried playing Flashback 25th Anniversary, having never played a version of Flashback before.

Got stuck on the third screen despite the game drowning me in tutorials.

The game drops you into an area where you get a holocube, but there just appears to be no obvious exit. Can’t go back the way you came, but the only exits are upward and the character isn’t grabbing onto any ledges.


Man I love Flashback!

Its controls take a bit to get used to though. It’s kinda Prince of Persia-ey? As in OG PoP, not the time sands ones.


I think I remember having this same problem when I first played Flashback as a kid but I don’t remember what the solution is. Of course nowadays you can just watch a let’s play when this kind of thing happens, so these old games have gotten objectively less opaque even though they feel subjectively more so


I got Dandara from last month’s humble (that turned out to be well worth it, lots of curiosities I was after, I get like one or two of these a year and never regret it) and after putting 20 minutes into it expecting to go “another metrovania, whatever” I’m really enjoying it

I now see why Apple was advertising it to me because it seems like it’d actually be totally sensible to play with touch controls but @Tuxedo was right, it’s quite decent


Unless they did something weird with the controls in the new version I think you just need to make sure you are right up against the wall and hold up?


Can’t wait for y’all all to dunk of Yagami’s wallet chain in Judge Eyes.


Are they attached to JNCOs


Skinny jeans and his very big wallet.


It’s the guy from Murdered: Soul Suspect all over again.


Holy shit Keyforge