Games You Played Today Classic Mini


That’s cool and I’m glad to see it but it’s gotta be hard to put together an OP to compete with the intro to the game.


Anime OP is nice, mostly those spirited horns vox and synth! I used to have all the dvds probably super cheap clearance from Gamestop, not sure where they went other than charity? Didn’t toss em. The first few eps came off mediocre at least compared to whatever else I binged at the time.

The first opening feels like it contains a lot of the jrpg magic (through newamazinganimation) that FFVII and the like forked away from.

Also at least…1/3rd of the soundtrack’s really good stuff.

Don’t remember much about the late game other than the final boss being a huge, barely stay alive for countless turns and win by a hair moment.

The ending’s still one of my favorites, perfectly bookends the emotion of the full opening/prologue. Unless you care about ancient spoilers it’s worth a soak in. Excellent reprise version of the opening “To the End of the Wilderness ~ To a New Journey”


the anime OP apparently borrowed its main motif from the chorus of the latest-at-the-time single from the band the show’s musical director was in?


I say this every time wild arms comes up but wild arms xf is maaaaybe my fav srpg type thing.


i love Wild Arms, but i’ve never beaten one and i feel like the series never really got its footing? Wild Arms 1 was fun and i have fond memories of it as “oh wow, finally, a cool RPG to play before FFVII comes out.” some great music and sprite work.


finally digging into the witness. I don’t have much smart to say about it yet but I love it so far. not many games are this meditative, and I feel like it deliberately avoids “manipulative” game design that dominates a lot of profit driven AAA titles.


Wish I hadn’t taken a break with maybe 75% of it done (around when DaS III came out), I’m so removed from the mindset of that island it feels like I’d need to start fresh to frame, draw lines proper.


Getting back into Yak0, I helped a living statue find a place to pee and got my ass kicked by a middle schooler trying to steal my pants


So this is one of the things in Yak0 that people who aren’t series nerds are going to miss but that kid (Ryuji Goda) is the big bad of yakuza 2 so it is some fun retcon foreshadowing.


Yeah, the game was pretty clearly winking about it, I figured it was something like that


Played a healthy chunk of Mugsters over the weekend (on switch).

Its a Team17 (of Worms fame) physics based puzzly action game. You get a mechanical objective, humans to evacuate and gems to collect per level (each thing gets you points, points unlock more levels).
Everything has not just multiple solutions but just a number of things that maybe need to happen and you can just kinda go nuts figuring out how you want to make those things to happen with what ever is laying about. The slight jank of it all acts to make things better rather than worse. Sometimes elements are placed in a level for no discernible reason so you can’t like “read” the level all the time. The levels are pretty short in general with fast play being encouraged once you figure out what you wanna do. Once you do everything in a stage you get a time trial mode.

Its very free and very fun. The look is very bright and low poly.

Ill prolly pick at this for the rest of the year.


i hacked my ps3 last night. but the only game i’ve been able to download so far is soul calibur 2 hd. i don’t like it.


i love the concept of wild arms, and i would love to see the american old west setting explored more in j-rpgs, but i played the first three wild arms and didn’t like any of them. my opinion at the time was that Wild ARMS was trying to be kind of like Lufia (with its dungeons) except Wild ARMS’ dungeons were dull and hideous to look at and I found the game tedious (i can’t say if they’re actually that comparable, but this was what i thought almost 20 years ago). It has some good music, but those tracks are biting Morricone so hard that his ass could be used as dental records.

WA3 probably still holds up visually, though, and I liked some of the character designs. Alter Code F has jane maxwell, who has an orange dress (i love orange) and an adorable, big blue bow in her hair.

i heard the PSP one is good, but it’s a strategy RPG now? and i had heard it had veered away from the american old west setting, which uhh is pretty much the only thing that appealed to me about the games to begin with, so. maybe i’ll give the franchise (well, 2 or 3, definitely not 1 again) another chance now that there’s been a considerable amount of time between when i last played them. :man_shrugging:


I bought Enter the Gungeon because it was 1) on sale, and 2) Play Anywhere.

It’s okay.

I’m not sure what actually possessed me to buy this given I don’t like roguelikes and I don’t like twin-stick shooters?

I think it’s all the different wacky guns. I have a real soft spot for off-the-wall weaponry.

One thing I really don’t like about it is how hard-capped you are on how much power you can gain per floor. This is one of the things that made Risk of Rain really overpower my distaste for the roguelike format.

See, In Risk of Rain, there’s enough power to be had per ‘floor’ to nearly allow you to ascend into becoming a tiny god, but it’s balanced by an inherent risk/reward system. As you play, a needle slowly but steadily rises in a difficulty gauge. As the difficulty rises, more and more enemies spawn, and they get stronger as well. These enemies drop money, which you can use to open chests and get new items. But if you spend too long, you run the risk of letting the difficulty get too high, and the boss that the end-of-level teleporter summons when you activate it might just wipe the floor with your face for your impertinence.

In Enter the Gungeon, the only incentive against slowly and methodically combing every inch of every floor trying to scrape every last ounce of obtainable power out of it is that 1) there isn’t much to be had in the first place, and 2) it’s really goddamn boring. The only risk/reward balance is that you might spend a key to open a chest and get a boring crap gun that’s just like the pea shooter you came in with, only it holds 2 more bullets in the magazine and is like 8 rpm faster.


i always found that without a second player gungeon gets way too unbalanced the further you get in the game


I don’t remember past Far Cry games opting for having enemy “levels,” but it means that I’m something like halfway through the New Dawn campaign and most of my guns are effectively useless.

Granted! I’m not doing some of the side activities I maybe should be doing (you get a lot more upgrade materials for running and re-running expeditions, or re-doing base captures), but it’s pretty frustrating to have what should be a pretty good gun do zilch on someone walking right at ya.

Of course nearly every upgrade screen is one menu selection or button press away from letting you buy materials and upgrade points for cash, which, hrmmhmmm.

I feel like calling this a budget release is kinda unfair (it’s shorter than Far Cry 5, true, but even though the map overlaps, it’s virtually unrecognizable), but they sure put some scuzzy free-to-play hooks in wherever they could.


I got extremely pissed off at Sekiro for crashing on me repeatedly during the blazing bull fight, so instead I downloaded Dark Stone from GOG and played that for about 45 minutes.

It calls itself the first 3D Dungeon Crawler or something, I forget. It’s terrible but I played so much of it on the Playstation that I do love it.

It’s directed by the same guy who designed such classics as Shaq Fu, Mr. Slime, and Amy.

I love it.

EDIT: Oh and it has a vocal theme song by a french pop singer:


leveled enemies are largely why i’ve already uninstalled this game

it has some neat shit in it if you can ignore… uh… every sentence spoken by every character…



Friends and I played our second round of Fury of Dracula the other night, this time with me as the count. I really dig this kind of one-against-many setup; despite all my powers, I really felt the pressure being put on me by the four other players. We learned what happens when Dracula accidentally breaks the rules, and I thought the game was gonna end real early after that, but I managed to recover in a surprising way that left me feeling cocky. Then I forced a confrontation in Italy, and the hunters trounced me. Alas.


check out Tragedy Looper for probably my favorite one v many game