Games You Played Today Classic Mini


been playing Division 2 on PS4. it’s got the same problems i had with the shooting and boring ass loot in the first game but im having fun whenever i can find somebody to play with. anybody else playing it who wants to group up?


i hear the americana-sploitation in that one is pretty fantastic


Ubisoft really wants you to understand that the game is apolitical though,


holy shit shadow hearts ii is such a interesting thing. its weird to finally sit down and play through this weird era of ps2 jrpgs, where we actually have star wars but as a 70’s sci fi anime (not ffxii) and the hilariously bleak ending of radiata stories

this game definitely came out when jrp’gs were reaching for weird stuff and definitely just before moe got involved


yeah! That’s a great way to frame it too

like it exists in this very brief window where “what if jRPGs were broader thematically” was a question that made perfect sense to ask

my memory is of the battle system being a little bit of a chore past a point because the complexity is kind of arbitrary and the dungeon design being too much partway through but it’s immensely likable


Nocturne correctly gets credit for being the best representative of that era but Covenant is on a short list of jRPGs that are big and unique and compelling enough to be “worth playing” even in a genre where that recommendation almost automatically implies that you must have as much free time as an eighth grader and do not demand a huge amount of breadth out of a very long and repetitive experience for it to justify itself.

Suikoden 1 and Saga Frontier are definitely on there too, just standout examples of experimenting with a very rigid form that was temporarily extremely popular


Finally after a couple decades of thinking I had seen everything in Soleil, I found the super secret three hidden money bags past a fence post that you have to jump on 31 times


these kinds of over written jrpgs are my favorite and it sucks ive still not gotten a chance to play either suikoden 1 (the gui is a huge turnpff) or nocturne - i also dunno the best ways to play either.

really its hars for me to describe just how different modern jrpgs are from this stylen and it didn’t actually translate to the psp or the ds the way its written as happenning


yeah shonen style storytelling absolutely killed them but that’s not really accepted by most people who seem to care about the genre


in a way the jrpgs that made the leap to habdhelds, and those style of games feel more…actually immaturen maybe? lile they don’t even attempt to try broader concepts but circle a drain of strange boy-love-girl=then kill god


It sometimes shines through, Radiant Historia was a return to form and the earlier Contact tried something different with the “kill god” approach.


I’d also place Wild Arms 3 at the beginning of that trend of weird and possible stretched a tad to far jRPGs of the early aughts. It really went in on tv anime framing by have large chapters that felt more like seasons or arcs of an anime while making your play sessions feel like individual episodes by having an Opening and Ending song when you start the game and pick the “Save and Quit” option at save points.


aw now i gotta dig this damn ass game out, it sucks that wild arms couldnt carry its particular aesthetic forward right after 3, namaste


I remember 4 being a mess of style, setting and themes but I remember 5 being a bit more confident in its world and characters.


Spot on about this, explains why I remember 3 so incredibly drawn out and arduous much as I enjoyed it.

Felt pretty spent on the whole gamefeel of them afterwards though, was curious about 4/5 and Alter F as a kinda remake?

3 also made my head spin about how it did or didn’t canon with the previous games.


Well you picked a bad time to drop out because 4 is when they started shaking it up. 4 and 5 was when the battles became mini tactical battles on a hex grid so you had to start considering positioning and turn orders. 4 felt very wonky but 5 started to get a hold on it and started fleshing it out with different layouts and obstacles and sometimes puzzles. WA3 was my first wild arms and after playing more of the others there really doesn’t feel like there was much of any canon other than Filgaia is mostly desert, there’s magic and ancient technology. Other than that some characters will make cameos or get name dropped here and there.


I rented Wild Arms 1 when it came out and aside from the music and unforgivable polygonal models for the battle screen the only thing I remember is that when you walked through a puddle your sprite left little wet footprints that slowly disappeared


wild arms 1 had all kinds of weird stuff, like how there was a guy you could pay to change the names of all your party members, and how there was a simple paint tool thing that let you redraw all the menu icons and backgrounds.


I think maybe I have XF in my possession someplace I should check it out


Remember that time there was a Wild Arms anime?

I don’t remember it being good but I really liked the OP for some reason.