Games You Played Today Classic Mini


Whoa cool


I should probrobably mention that the arcade I’m showing off is Ground Kontrol which had previously been the more boring barcade of the two in Portland.

But they remodeled and have started using the increased floor space for more weird shit and have kinda shifted to being my favorite of the two?

That said, Quarter World is still pretty great. They have a lot of eclectic stuff including occasional appearances by an F-Zero AX machine, and Ninja Baseball Batman.

And a porn game room.

If you want to play porn games.

In public.

At a barcade.

Because you can at quarter world aparently.


it’s me

I’m the guy who would walk past all the actual games and see how much of Dragon’s Lair I remember

the last time did not go well.


There are a lot of Dragon’s Lair machines in Portland.

There are even more Baby Pac-Man machines though. Just loads of those. Pretty sure PDX has the highest number of Baby Pac-Man tables per capita of any city in the world.


my nearest arcade is on the other side of the country :crying_cat_face:

but i might ask a girl i know on tumblr to go there together, that’d be nice, and they have a panic park machine :thinking::triumph::heart_eyes_cat:


Wait I always thought the intent was driving + 1 gun, and then the other player gets 1 gun, not driving and the other player gets 2 guns


What kind of chump 2p would allow themselves this disgrace?


Look all I know is that there were two guns in front of me and I grabbed both and it was awesome.


no both players share leftgun


I’m glad Ground Kontrol’s remodel went well, last time I was there they were still in the middle of it and it was pretty boring

the visit before that I got to play killer queen 5v5 though so they still have goodwill to burn


I’m finally enjoying wolfenstein: the new order

surprised at how much I’m digging it though I remember hearing a few good things about it around here when it came out.


I finally played through the single player “dlc”, if you can call it that, of Star Wars Battlefront II. It’s really short but I was hyped because it came out around The Last Jedi and I had hoped that some of its magic rubbed off on the game. There is nothing from the movie in the (single player) game. That sucks. I made it through the content but it wasn’t very fun. The levels just kinda sucked. There was barely any story, very basic and, again, short. Before I knew it it was over. A part of me hopes for more when episode 9 is out but they might as well not bother if they’re putting this little effort in.

On the multiplayer side of things there is episode 8 content. Characters and places. I haven’t gotten any of those yet because you can’t pick the maps you want to play, just game modes. You know how modern multiplayer games are. So I’m playing stupid ass Naboo again. Groan. I want to play that Ewok hunt mode because it sounds like good survival horror but I haven’t dared click on it yet.


yeah EA is having a real lousy generation, no way around it

I even played the new fifa and ufc recently and they’re nothing special compared to the late PS3 stuff


Who wants to work at the worst company in America after all. I’m surprised they’re still staffed at all. People are weird and capitalism is bad, etc.

I want to play a FIFA with story mode, just to see what they did with it but expectations are so low that I really can’t be bothered to even pirate

I haven’t played a FIFA in nearly 20 years


Ewok mode was cool. I played on ps4 back when it first came out.

I eventually deleted the game because I just got sad at being useless and ineffectuve in the multi.


I also never feel like I’m contributing anything. I’m bottom tier at multiplayer anyway and the game doesn’t do anything to make my experience better.

I do best at the spaceship mode and that’s what I spent most time with when the game came out. I hear they even improved that so I’m saving it for last

Mostly I’m just playing BFII because I’ve had it on my disk this whole time for the single player and I’m looking forward to freeing up the space once I’ve seen everything they added


theres 2 guns in this car. figure out how you wanna figure it out


Did a foolish thing while high and picked up the Borderlands Handsome Collection on PS4.

It was on sale and I wanted a shooter.

I have regrets.


Oh god, you could have picked just about anything else


Already hit two bugged quests in The Pre-Sequel, one where an item I had just given a character flew out of their hands and into an insta-death pit, another where a character says they gave me an item to prod peaceful monsters but I have no new items or interaction options.

The first time fast travel opened up it let me go to a location I had been before, only it was clearly some post-game content with high-level baddies and story that didn’t make sense for where I was.