Games You Played Today Classic Mini


I bought 3 musou games for switch at once. Fate/Extella link is cool but i have no fucking idea whats going on


Okay, you beat Taruruto-kun, but did you find and save all the friends


important and bloodpotion-baiting Tararuuto post:

this is 90% of why I have it ranked as the 7th best B-tier Genesis/MD platformer


i’m pretty jealous of you for having a list of b tier genesis platformers that goes at least 7 deep

also what is number 1


go back up a ways, I named at least 13 games in that post


also do not be fooled by Game Freak’s charming effort on the MD game, every other Taruruuto game is fucking dreadful


marvel land, huh. I just browsed through an lp and the last level is you escaping with a princess after you save her, that was some pretty cute shit. ACTION ICO or REVERSE NOT CREEPY BRAID

el viento is cool


the actual best part of the last level is if you fuck up and die, the princess has a death animation too


augh! i bought the famicom one a few months ago, hoping for another cute platformer, but it’s some text-heavy board game thing. at least the cartridge is cute though, it’s teal and has rounded corners on top


Quoted post for for REF.

Marvel Land rules!
I was just looking at El Viento and Magical Taruruto-kun repros, Viento looked a little rough graphically.

High Seas Havoc looks tite.

Played Valis III? I love Valis III. It is not “good” but I love it.

Id like to mention Cool Spot. It was a fave as a kid, cant really say if its actually good, its too deep in my psyche. The tunes ROCKED my 9-year-old face off.


real talk, if you like Valis III on the Gen/MD, give the PCE version a play, it’s a better game with more content and a nicer soundtrack (the soundtrack is fine in the port, I guess, but the arrangements do the compositions no favors)

just, uh, ignore that slide is down+run


Man I sure hope the Genesis Mini is hackable like the Nintendo ones. All this MD talk is making me thirsty.


I sorta wanna get that repro console that takes the real carts that just got released a while ago.

I say this as someone who was a die-hard Nintendo kid. I just feel like if I’m going to go through the trouble of collecting game cartridges, Sega stuff at least has some outsider appeal



you should buy Genesis stuff now before everyone else stops huffing Nintendo and realizes that Sega has good game (even then, a few notable titles have had their prices inflated, like CV Bloodlines and Hyperstone Heist)

it’s telling that Phantasy Star IV goes for less now then it did when it was new (note: PSIV was a hundred bucks in 1994/5)


Not…everything here was strictly something I played. But I felt like this still seemed the best place to dump all of these (sorry if this fucks with the flow of the thread but I took soooo many pictures and I wanted to share).

I was gonna write up some impressions but…eh…I might still do that but you can kinda get the idea of what @wonder_momo and I were up to just from the pics. We played a lot of stuff.




'specially that last TMNT one, many smoke and dust filled neon evenings circa '90


What’s the driving game in the second image?


Lucky and Wild !!!


It’s LUCKY and WILD. It’s a co-op driving and light gun game (best term even though I think the guns are mechanical and not light based) about two…I’m gonna say cops…chasing down crime cars by shooting at them. One player steers and tries to stay on the road (Lucky, played that day by @wonder_momo) and the other player has two pistols they are shooting at the screen (Wild, played that day by yours truly).

It’s chaotic, and weird, and the graphics look like all those recent fake super scaler games more than they actually look like other contemporary super scaler style ones.

Was it good? I dunno, was it worth the fifty cents to flail wildly in a buddy cop driving sim? Probably.

(You can theoretically play it in single player with one hand on the wheel and one on a single gun)