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I think you have to push pretty SE before someone says hog friend is nearby but I found dog friend not too far north of the main base.


I’ve pretty much done the thing I did with Far Cry 5 where I drop everything and run to those two people who wander the world and tell you about missions, so luckily hog and dog friend are accounted for.

Just need to find a shitload of ethanol so I can unlock the next tier of guns, since the enemies I’m running into are taking way too many hits to kill.

The “buy more resources with real cash!” options are just, just, just out of the way enough to not be really gross and obnoxious. That said, they’re pretty gross and obnoxious.


I second this, both about Tametsi being a challenge and about it being worth recommending. I’m not terribly far in, but I’ve been impressed with what I’ve seen.


I finished Thimbleweed Park; very meta, didn’t get the platinum, not sure if I’m up to replay it right away for that.

Definitely a game made for folks who grew up with adventure games, which sadly I did not.


Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King is, rather fittingly, a very sedate game.

And by that I mean I’m just politely calling it a mediocre game of the easy variety.

I should have listened to @toups warning, but it was on ~sale~

Assorted Gripes

Enemy behavior generally comes in one of two varieties: (1) lazily homing in on the player or (2) doing a random walk of some sort. Enemies that react to your movement or attack/move in interesting ways are a rarity, even in the endgame. Most enemies can be defeated in a single slash, and nearly anything that can’t can be one-shotted by a spin attack or a special weapon. Not a single damage source in the game does more than 1/2 a heart of damage.

These decisions aren’t bad in and of themselves, per se, but they are not befitting of a game that is over 70% combat by weight.

The dungeons pose no navigational challenge, and are painfully formulaic in design and structure. The typical dungeon starts with a large hub room, where only only one door is accessible. Through the door is a series of rooms that will loop back into the hub room, where you hit a switch that will open the door to the next series of rooms that will loop back into the hub room, etc. etc. Repeat a couple of times until you get a key, leading to a series of rooms that will take you to another banally structured area.

Every dungeon has multiple Dedicated Sokoban Rooms, and Dedicated Walk-On-Ever-Tile-Only-Once Rooms. (Simon Says is also a recurring “puzzle”, but I think there’s a dungeon or two that doesn’t have it.) Also, these puzzles occur frequently in various overworld caves and such.

With regards to the overall feel of the game, I was disappointed that walking between screens on the overworld or in dungeons always produces a fade-out. There is no scrolling between screens, which hurts the game’s sense of place.

Also regarding scrolling, every area in the game (except for inside folks’ houses) scrolls on both axes, even though there are plenty of rooms that would have been just fine scroll on one axis (or none at all). idk why i find this so irksome, but i do.

I kinda feel bad ragging on the game so much. I mean, nothing is actually awful (except for all the Simon Says), and there are some clever ideas and some creative whimsy at work. For instance, the game’s framing device is that it’s a story a grandpa is telling his grandkids. Occasionally, the grandkids will pipe up and offer their own silly ideas for stuff to put in the story. Sometimes both grandkids will pipe up and you get to choose which of their ideas to include. It’s a charming idea that I wish was put to better use, and wish was attached to a more excellent game.

tl;dr you can kill the final boss with bees 9/10


i played some genesis games

replayed contra hard corps. it rules.


finished king colossus. it’s a neat zelda-style game.

King%20Colossus%20Tougi%20Ou%20(Eng%20Trans)002 King%20Colossus%20Tougi%20Ou%20(Eng%20Trans)005

then i won the championship in cuty suzuki no ringside angel

Cuty%20Suzuki%20no%20Ringside%20Angel%20(J)%20%5B!%5D005 Cuty%20Suzuki%20no%20Ringside%20Angel%20(J)%20%5B!%5D007


there’s two subtitled lp’s for ryuu ga gotaku kenzan. one of them translates something as “men sought to cross the barrier that no man should ever cross, and commit the sin of murder”

and the other says “men sought to test themselves against one another in battle”


finally playing Republique


when I was a kid there used to be this arcade called broadway or something, I don’t remember exactly. it was one of those places where you’d pay X amount of money for X amount of time, rather than per play on a game. every time I went I would spend about 70% of my time on lucky and wild, because fuck games that aren’t lucky and wild, that shit is fire.


the two genders


I know booji and I hit this point everytime but how did they cover the point where Haruka sells herself into sex slavery?




Dragon Quest II is perfect on mobile, on the bus, at work


The simpler translation has a narrator during gameplay parts who sometimes talks about historical stuff, he brought up how all the kids aren’t actually postitutes until they’re older, just servants for now.

I like that the story isn’t a rehash of the yoshikawa muashi novel like every other musashi story I’m aware of. I haven’t played any yakuza games yet so I’m probably missing out on a lot. the narrator said to think of the game as almost like a play being put on by the yakuza characters

@boojiboy7 also I was meaning to ask the yakuza pros here, there’s a licensed and classic music restoration patch for pc yakuza kiwami, would that be worth bothering with when I get around to that game


Not sure what exactly that is, but I would bet it is just adding in music back from the original Yakuza 1, which (assuming that is what it is) is like…OK? But the music was never really the strong suit of those games, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it unless you feel like it.


As a translation aficionado, I would be very curious to hear how this particular divergence happened exactly. Has anybody who speaks Chinese written a blog post digging into that Borges quote?

EDIT: I couldn’t find that, but I did find this:

so one likely theory for this extreme divergence might be that Borges exaggerated his memory of the footnote for effect


You might as well for the record in kiwami and six they took out a bunch of licensed music for the western release. It is such a tragedy that you never noticed it until anyone tells you it happened.


Ah, fair enough. Didn’t really notice it in my time with the games but yeah, you might as well patch it in then.


more sega stuff

hopefully when m2 eventually ports revenge of shinobi, they’ll find some way to fix the game so that you don’t lose all your lives in stage 2 because you can’t fucking see anything


i did finish magical taruruuto-kun, a cute little platformer from game freak.



GAme Freak!

I really like HarmoKnight, but only one level per session

drip feed