Games You Played Today Classic Mini


make the thread!
I just started up Hyrule Warriors again, but on switch this time


I’ve killed every stray dog I’ve come across in the The Division 2.

Don’t let The Division happen to your kids.


You monster. It’s the one game these days that actually doesn’t make you shoot dogs at all.


Hate Plus was really good even if I definitely can’t take the emotional weight of *Mute’s route.


I still need to play that, I really liked Analogue.


I’ve been spoiled for games lately. Obviously I’m playing Sekiro (see thread), but I’m also close to finishing Dog Days, I’m up to Zone 4 on Necrodancer, and Baba is You has been filling the moments between all of those.

Hooray video games


Yeah it’s pretty good times all around.

I’m thinking of getting into Prince of Persia games again. They’re on GOG, which is great. Sands of Time is an old love of mine. So I’ll be revisiting that. Warrior Within I’ll skip but Two Thrones will get another shot. I sorta disliked it back in the day. Can’t remember why anymore. The artsy Prince of Persia: Flower Journey reboot always seemed interesting. And what I didn’t know is that there was a game released when the movie came out. It’s apparently not that good. So I’ve got a lot on my plate if I want to go through with this!


Oh yeah, I had forgotten about The Forgotten Sands: A Prince of Persia Midquel


Path of Exile is all right. My witch can summon zombies and flaming skulls, and the zombies can summon wraith-like things sometimes, so I’m doing less combat myself and more pointing minions in a direction.

Not a fan of in-game alerts about cosmetic item sales and other non-diegetic shit, but I guess this is the price of free-to-play. It’s a comfortable Diablolike and something I might stick with for a bit.


I’m tired as fuck but before I go to bed, I want a preview of a bigger post sometime soon, maybe tomorrow?

In the meantime I would like to state for the record hanging with @wonder_momo at one of the now two really good arcades in Portland is rad.


Sands of Time is one of my favorite games. It’s daring, inventive, and accomplished. Fertile Ground is none of those things, but I guess I like it for the same reasons folks like latter-day Ubisoft lawnmower games. There is something weirdly satisfying about its completely artificial triangular game-world. It reminds me of when I’d solve mazes as a kid by blacking out every dead-end path until only the true path remains.


Lucky + Wild rules!

Been playing a lot Of Super Fantasy Zone on Genesis with the clicky stick. Its so good, as are all the other Fantasy Zones I’ve played. But this one being 16-bit is just a little more plush. Got me a reproduction from a dude on facebook that came in a nice pink cart.

For those who have never played a fantasy Zone I highly suggest it. Its not a normal shooter. You can fly (or walk) in either direction and the screen loops. Once you defeat all the monster generators the level boss appears. Power ups and extra lives are purchased from a shop balloon that appears once or twice per level and per life and sort of bobs around until it gets bored. The game play is a lot of sudden tense interactions with no real set patterns unless you make all the same moves. About half of enemies are reactive rather than just scripted. This aspect makes repeat playing a lot more fun than usual and keeps me glued to it.

the flower bud icons along the bottom represent the remaining monster makers’ locations

Looking up images for this was hard as I am trying not to spoil myself on future stages.
Id really love for sega to bring back Opa-Opa and Fantasy Zone in some capacity.


There is nothing more exhausting in a Far Cry game than a “wacky” character who constantly quips.

Anyway, Nana in New Dawn is miserable to bring along and isn’t even good at sniping enemies, but you sure get a lot of weird jokes about how she’s a horny old lady with bloodlust when she’s in tow.


Reading it this way made me consider Fantasy Zone as related to western shooters with their focus on systemic play over linear scripted play, although that doesn’t really check out on lineage as free-form shooters had been a niche (Time Pilot, Xevious (stop autocorrecting to Devious, phone))


super fantasy zone was one of my favourites as a kid, and i still love it :smile_cat:

how much was the pink repro, and can you post a photo of it?


Yeah SoT is just super rad. Played through it several times. I like how grown up it felt (for its time, don’t know yet if it holds up). By Fertile Grounds you mean PoP 2008? It is structured weirdly indeed. You pick a node and it’s this artificial mini level. But what I like is how they use those spirit points to make you go through the level backwards (and sideways I guess). The no-death mechanic rules so far and they do tutorializing very well, especially for the combat mechanics. I liked it when I swung the sword and the game paused to let me know I was out of reach and had to block. It just breaks down everything that can happen and tells you what to do in that situation. The combat itself feels like it’s all one big QTE, which, let’s be honest, is a pretty perfect reference to original PoP’s rigid feel. Ubisoft did well with these games in the 2000s, all in all. They have artistic merit.


It was like 25 shipped. Cart only. Not bad really. Ill post up when I get home.

Yeah the game reminds me a bit of Defender in style, maybe choplifter?
Time Pilot / Sinistar feels more like they are trying to build on asteroid in that you can shoot in 8 directions and there is no ground.




Yeah it seems like Hog Friend, Dog Friend, or quiet archer friend is the way to go.

My current companion will randomly throw three sticks of dynamite in the middle of a skirmish and usually blow me, herself, or both of us up. Great stuff.


I feel a bit bad that an actual semi-successful puzzle game in Baba is You came out and I’m not gonna have the chance to get to it until after everyone else is likely done with it… but that doesn’t mean that I’ve been playing no puzzle games at the moment.

I’ll write it up in the puzzle game topic when I finish up with it (which may take a while, game is packed with content) but if anyone is a fan of the various HexCells games and their -Cells kin and would like something in the same vein let me take this moment to say that Tametsi is the truth. In fact it might end up actually being a step better than Matthew Brown’s oeuvre when all is said and done.

It’s also hard as hell and I haven’t even touched any of the 60 bonus extra-hard puzzles, the one puzzle I played through last night took a good hour of my time and a lot of patience, and it was #65 out of 100 main puzzles. I know we and I generally smirk at the whole notion of “gameplay per dollar”… but there’s an absurd amount of well designed stuff inside of this $3 game.