Games You Played Today Classic Mini


Yeah vanilla M&B is great on its own.


There are a lot! Total conversions from lord of the rings and game of thrones to Japanese and American settings. But what I’m more asking about are the gameplay and rebalancing mods. Was just wondering if any were sort of necessary


Obviously not!

It’s a HARD game, though; you may want to play your first time through with savescumming enabled, until you really work out how combat works and a viable early game strategy.


Oh I savescum whenever I can - I was around in the 90s after all - and I have no problems with that. It’s part of what I like about the abstraction of videogames vs real life. You can go back and try different things. Correct mistakes or make even worse mistakes and see what happens. To me that’s the spice of virtual life.



I’ve heard Prophesy of Pendor being highly recommended.


i just got an xbox one x for some fucking reason and i’ve been playing a lot of halo mcc lately. turns out halo is still pretty fucking good! the remasters they did of halo 1 and 2 are kind of ugly though. coincidentally if you have an xbone and want to play halo you should probably hit me up!!


i’m housesitting, so i’m playing gain ground on this big ass tv.

the game is fine. i wish m2 ported over the much better genesis version, but at least here you can make the difficulty less “give us your quarters, bitch!” and make it something more playable.

update: holy shit there’s two cartons of chocolate milk in the fridge!


what if they’re looking forward to getting home just to break into those two cartons of chocolate milk? do you think they eat like, cocoa pebbles or cocoa puffs with chocolate milk? oh man, what about fruity pebbles with strawberry milk?!


they told me to help myself. and i am currently helping myself.


“aw shit i forgot to tell them about the chocolate milk i’m saving for my cocoa pebbles!”


oh shit red berry special k
in chocolate milk.




Yeah, I was just about to come in here saying how this game does not mess around with the difficulty. I think for me part of it is because I am used to the lower res of the Mega Drive version so there is less need for pinpoint accuracy. I must have used at least $30 of pretend money on that damn last boss, sending wave after wave of soldiers at it until it finally died


The town I grew up in was in dairy country and had the processing plant, and sometimes they would fuck up the projections for flavoured products and end up with a surplus of chocolate milk so would just send it to town in place of regular milk for the same price

on topic I played WATCH_DOGS 2 and got nostalgic for SF intersections and extremely not-nostalgic for the creepy dream-logic geography


Played more PC Building Simulator. I’m almost into March now in-game.

I wish I could do this as my real job. Assembling computer hardware has always been one of my absolute favorite things to do in the world.


next time I build a computer I’ll mail the parts to you, I hate that shit


Been playing Far Cry New Dawn and (no) surprise, I like it.

It’s dumb but Ubisoft games like this have wormed their way into my heart as some sorta comfort food game and I’m having an OK time of it.

I will say that as a direct contrast to the last game’s villains playing gospel music loudly from their pick up trucks, these new villains blasting Action Bronson and Die Antwoord from their ramshackle vehicles is pretty good.


I think this could almost be an easy list topic, as to what each of our comfort food games are. For me, it’s:

  • Yakuza series
  • EDF series
  • Gran Turismo series
  • Some STGs but not all


oh yeah that’s a good idea. plus i can just take a screenshot of all my ‘favorites’ in Steam and be done