Games You Played Today Classic Mini


the dynamic narrative of tom clancy’s the division 2


I’ve been glued into MTG:A lately. Standard is such a great format in 2019


this is fetish art


who knew the only thing I wanted from motorsport manager was to see the little cars actually on the track while keeping almost everything from the mobile version the same

also who knew I liked motorsport manager so much

I have no idea why

(i’ve been playing motorsport manager on the switch)


I have always wanted to see more of this game but it’s been so inscrutable every time I catch it scrolling through rom files and give it another go, briefly forgetting that I’ve been here before


you can replace the soundtrack of dynasty warriors gundam: reborn with music from your ps3, so when there’s an intense battle scene happening between you and ramba ral this plays:

my battle results screen is set to deceptacon by le tigre


I am 16 or 17 hours into Steins;Gate and I think that might qualify as self-harm. I wish it was on PS4 instead of PS3 as then I’d have a couple dozen images that would each be the worst text I’ve ever seen in a game.

The pacing is… well I think in other games I’d be at the 8 or so hour point instead.

It managed to not be too gropy for the first dozen or so hours, then it got so uncomfortably creepy in a scene I think was played for laughs.

I feel like in time travel stories one has to try extra hard to keep everything straight and even then it is very easy for a few plot holes/logical inconsistencies to slip through. This game did not try hard and is swimming in them.

This is a side effect of this and the glacial pacing but they are all so dumb. There are things that if not blindingly obvious are at least things that someone should at least question, and it so rarely happens. Something happens 30 minutes or so in that is likely rather significant, resembles things that happen later and directly involves several of them and while occasionally mentioned has been virtually unaddressed since.

…I want to see how they intend to end it >_>.


Oh shit so it uses like OG XBOX sound track rules? I never knew this but now I will have to go back and mess around.


Is the PS1 version of Diablo any good? Because somehow I have it?


I don’t know anything about it, but it seems very unlikely to be good. They only made a serious effort to make Diablo work with controllers in Diablo 3, and that relied on twin thumbsticks


Made a vampire girl in Skyrim VR and spent 3 hours wandering the map and admiring the environments. There is a lot of to-be-expected Bethesda uncanny valley shit going on in here, and camera movements feel more nauseating than any other PSVR game I’ve played, but this has a lot of hangoutitude.


skyrim vr is like exactly a fake mockup game from a mid 90s near-future kidz romp it is kind of sad all the people actually obsessed with the game seem to be only in it for the modz and not full poop-tube living in that grainy barfosphere


the PS1 port of Diablo is perfectly serviceable if you want to play on pad because it’s a fairly slow paced game to begin with (though the Rogue with Gauntlet styled controls has a leg up over the other two classes)

console Diablo 3 is also perfectly playable without ever touching the second analog stick, to the point where the Switch port has single joycon play (also if you need to roll out of something in the endgame, you probably already fucked up)


We can make a lava-ring steins;gate zone thread and you can spoiler complain all you want to me.

The gropping scene is solitary and yeah really bad and undefensable.


When I’m done I’ll likely just put up one large spoiler’d rant just to get the bile out of my system, but I’ll consider that as well.

The… well not worst part of the groping scene (that would be the groping) is that while not the most… “progressive” game when it comes to trans-like feelings it certainly wasn’t the worst, and one could argue that the fact that all of said character’s friends were eventually supportive and trying to help out puts it on the overall positive side of the ledger in that regard (although I might be overly generous here and likely not the right person to make that call TBH). To then follow it up with this is somehow worse than if the game was utterly creepy up until that point.


coincidentally deceptacon was also my battle results music. more games need this feature


Decided I needed to free up 100 gigs or so of my HDD so I’m gonna play the Far Cry 5 DLCs.

This Vietnam one, so far. Woof.

Edit: turns out it was only 50 gigs and it turns out I value my time better than to play some so-so DLCs!


I started playing a Skyrim total conversion that’s been released (on Steam) for free called… Edel, something, some utterly forgettable fantasy name. It’s better than regular Skyrim. (Low bar.) Somewhat more linear, actually, which I think does the game a lot of favors, and the skill system is more interesting. More of a grimdark atmosphere which isn’t my thing per se but it’s kind of novel to play a game that looks like Elder Scrolls but has more JRPG-style exposition up front.


Talking about total conversions reminds me that I want to give Mount and Blade Warband another shot. I got it on Steam and playing Kenshi reminded me of it. What mods should I play it with to get the most out of it? Or just vanilla is fine?


I’ve never played M&B with any version of a mod and didn’t even know it had mods. So.