Games You Played Today Classic Mini


I knew that cadence felt familiar


Diablo 1’s town theme is legit one of the best music tracks in any fantasy-themed game ever


Although these aspects are not as timeless but relative to the standards of the time, the color palette and the point-and-click UI design (the whole combination of menus, glowy indicators etc and how it plays together) are stellar. I just didn’t expect to experience this beauty and smoothness when I loaded this game from 1997, because in other cases old PC games are never quite as you remember them.


I finally found Hog Friend. He is large and bristly and a Good Boy. Bad Bandits were keeping Hog Friend in a shed, with plan to eat him, so it is only fair that Hog Friend goes Hog Wild on them, etc.

If Hog Friend makes corpses of enough Bad Bandits he can get himself up without help, because he is a very tough Boy. You can pet Hog Friend. Whenever Hog Friend knocks over the Bandit that knocked over me, I make sure to pet him after.

Every animation in this game is too long and impossible to cancel but that’s ok when the animation is petting Hog Friend.

When Hog Friend has killed one more human being he will unlock the trait “Porcine Fury.”


I mean, the game isn’t good.


Making me proud, Mia!


Did you play that Assassin’s Creed in Egypt where you can shoot a dart at a hippo to make him your friend?


They’re pretty sturdy, too.


Trying to make contact with Weird Arrow Band, I go on a winding, hallucinatory journey across the red-tinged night of an isolated island, guided by the disembodied voice of a (dead?) cult leader. The only landmarks are the cult’s shattered holy symbols.

In the middle I pause to loot some toolboxes and stray piles of duct tape, this last until the DUCT TAPE report for the location reads 6/6.


It tickles me how many aspects of the singular focused Far Cry 2 Ubisoft has tried to make series staples, like “contextualizes statement on violence” and “dream mission”, and their stubborn repetition only makes their clumsy committee-driven execution seem more odd. It’s like Swedish jokes told in English.


Just a PSA: All the Diablo heads itt should try out Path of Exile when they’re done (it’s now on PS4 in addition to Steam)


I return to Weird Arrow Band’s fort with The Book, an artifact of their lost (?) founder, and am allowed inside. I follow the silent doorperson deep into their settlement as surrounding Weird Arrow People watch and whisper “A nonbeliever!” and “The Book! It’s been found!” in startled and awed tones. A pile of flashing, lootable gears lies next to a fence on the way so I steal them.


Sounds pretty much like your average D&D adventure


Weird Arrow People send me North into the clouds of pink, choking hallucination fog to find Kurtz Their Founder. (Current Leader secretly wants evidence of his death so they can move on.) Apparently Founder was the leader of the Carefully Not-White-Nationalist Prepper Cult from Far Cry 5 and Weird Arrow People is what’s become of them.

I find him! He’s alive! I would like to kill him? I’m not allowed. Instead he feeds me a Hallucination Apple that grows on a cherry tree (Our Miracle!) and I fight a Nuclear Bear first with arrows and then with Powerful Fists in what is described as a struggle against and purification of the Darkness in my own Soul.

KurtzTheir Founder is returned to Weird Arrow People and I have special status among them. Also some additions to my Perk Menu courtesy Miracle Apple? That’s nice, I guess. So far this whole thing seems to be a justification, in fiction, of the Crazy Extremist Villain of Far Cry 5? The one who’s based on reactionary white nationalist shitheads while carefully not being a white nationalist, because that would be too uncomfortable?

Really makes the settler fantasia of the post-nuclear setting pop.


the pig is still good tho


I sorta want to play that Stone Age one


Played it for a couple hours. It seemed kinda cool


I’ve only played 2 (which could really do with a remaster) and Blood Dragon. Been so put off by the series that I really haven’t wanted to try out anything else.


i played and finish beast wrestler on the genesis

it is misunderstood


Yeah I mean Primal or what it was called didn’t really hold my attention because of all the series trappings like huge world and lots of markers on it, so I don’t really know. The focus on melee weapons was cool and the atmosphere was nice. But I don’t think it was much different from other entries in the series so if you don’t like those…