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Yo this game rules

I just got to a section that created fear in some unexpected ways, it’s very pleasing. Also I have a grappling hook and movement is just a joy. These developers don’t get enough credit around here for making excellent and slightly bizarre games.


I’m stupid and am trying to collect all the spirits in smash Ultimate. There are 4 left and I have no fucking idea how to get them


No you’re not, you’re



I was going to jokingly say ‘maybe you can only get them by beating Smash Bros stadium and putting your cart in the transfer pack’ but the more I thought about it the more worried I became that might actually be close to what you have to do.


What are the numbers of the ones you’re missing? Did you get the ones from the extra fights that appear in the World of Light when you get the quiz questions wrong?

There are also some that you can only get from summoning.


Have you checked if they are event-exclusive spirits?


I started playing LSD: Dream Emulator a week ago (shoutout to @BustedAstromech and @Alterity). I’m finding the best way for me to play is one dream a day.

So much has been said about the atmosphere, I’m not sure I have anything new to add. I especially like when I see other people in my dreams. You have a limited ability to interact with things, but I still feel as if I’m being invited to play with what I encounter. I see a boy kicking a ball and stand to his opposite, pretending to kick it back. I see people dancing in circles, and I revolve around the room with them. As much as the game itself seems to be making free associations, I feel pushed to do the same with how I move around the world.


I jsut checked and they’re all from challenges. Somehow I i only got 99.96% in my first wol run so i guess i gotta do that! Fuck!


Mini Metro is cool and I wish I had played it sooner. Soothing. It has a dark mode.

Pinball FX3 is playable on Switch, in portrait mode, portable with only the right joycon attached. I don’t know anything or care about “ball” “physics”. The catch: there’s this spandex suited lady that follows you around the UI like Clippy and just like says all kinds of shit, I see you are trying to play would you like to link your hiscore account to the mainframe and score pin points to your ball vault?, and announces outloud every menu option you hover over.


In The Division 2 I rescued someone’s daughter and when I came back to the base they opened a Barbecue area in my honor. I don’t know what it does but now there’s some big white text floating in a corner of the area that says THE BARBECUE.


I guffawed for real




The Dadification of games continues.


I’d be her momma, thank you very much (I was asked by her mom to save her though). In fact I think all the characters in every cutscene for these first couple of hours have been women. I have no idea who they are but they seem really angry about something.

To be fair I was being a bit cheeky when I said “opened in my honor”. I have no idea why it opened, it’s just something that unlocks after that mission is finished and you head back to the base but it didn’t seem interactable. Maybe I’d know what was going on if I didn’t have the volume at 40% so I could watch Giant Bomb spend over 6 hours trying to get that gauntlet time trial achievement in Titanfall 2 while I play.


There have been a few positive mentions of Nex Machina in here recently and it is on sale on PS4 for about $3 for the next couple weeks, but I have a question about it. The Housemarque games I’ve played before are Resogun, which I thought was swell, Super Stardust, which was okayish, and Dead Nation, which was just bad.

Of those on the surface Nex Machina most resembles Dead Nation and is the main reason I’ve never given it much of a thought before now. Of those who’ve played it (and perhaps both) are they much alike, or are they significantly different enough that disliking one shouldn’t disqualify the other?


ostensibly Nex Machina would be closest to Resogun seeing as Resogun is just ripping Eugene Jarvis off whereas NM actually had him on as a consultant


I’m not trying to be flip here but this is a case where you can watch 30 seconds of gameplay of both games and be like, wow, how did they make both of these games. The quality gap in presentation, feel, design philosophy, and effort is staggering.

I also wrote off Alienation within 10 minutes when it thought 30FPS in a snow level for a twinstick shooter that looked worse than Helldivers was okay, notwithstanding all the ill-conceived lootfesting in a world where Diablo III on consoles is actually awesome.

Nex Machina is a legit no-compromise arcade game that could actually work as an arcade cabinet and I am sad the plans for that didn’t go through.


Nex Machina is very much Robotron: 2017, not the stab at a campaign of Dead Nation


I mean, the video on the PS Store for Nex Machina is 32 seconds long and it is what raised these worries for me, so clearly it’d have to be at least 45 seconds worth…


The PS Store has really bad videos idk. Takes too long to load them too. I’d say for $3 you should give it a shot; it’s at least as good as Resogun and uses an evolved version of their voxel technology there.