Games You Played Today Classic Mini


Steamworld Dig 2 is satisfying if you’re into games that have a basic loop and nothing else. Smashing stuff with a pickaxe feels real good okay??

Also the soundtrack is boss and most of it is by El Huervo aka the guy who made some music for Hotline Miami and 2

my two favorite songs (the second video has a timestamp)


I loved the first Steamworld Dig a lot. Gonna be time for another playthrough soon, I think.


Almost literally nothing in EU4 is impossible, there are streamers who have done all the most hilarious things in terms of ahistorical culture/religion matches and conquests. It’s one of the greatest things about it.


never played any of those so i can’t compare. what sparked my interest was in the premise of having to work within two different monetary systems to get prices. don’t have any idea how the implementation will work though


finally got around to playing demon of laplace. it’s fine, i guess. i was expecting more of a lovecraft vibe, but it’s really more of a 16-bit version of sweet home.

i wanted a 1920’s themed rpg where you fight cosmic horrors, but it’s all vampires and zombies and shit. the game plays well enough, but i was expecting something different than what i got.

at least they managed to capture lovecraft’s racism


I started looking into getting your own music in the game, but I guess you can’t? apparently in FH3 there was a specific custom raidio station you could just dump all your music into, but they took it out for FH4. maybe there’s another way, I haven’t looked around too much.

so for now because I’m a square I exclusively listen to the classical music radio station, which has like ten tracks that are constantly being interrupted by the DJ talking about 1) MY RACING EXPLOITS WOW SO IMMERSIVE and 2) how much of a square he is


I had the same problem and was surprised to learn they didn’t design around user music because the rather limited soundtrack implied it, and cries out for it.


i made a randomized pokemon ROM with all of the trainer class names replaced with like, 200 generated Gallop Racer horse names and i copied a bunch of the usernames here and replaced the normal trainer names with them.

sbleaf-1 sbleaf-3 sbleaf-12 sbleaf-14 sbleaf-15 sbleaf-23 sbleaf-25


bought the wrong vape pen you need to smoke the pre-filled cartridges dealers who know medicinal guys have today, got really sad. then i went to a bar that played exclusively early 00s busta rhymes and ja rule and now im playing UFC 3 and listening to ambient music on PS4 spotify. i love this shit. im a russian woman named farrah amagov who looks like a mutant rat-human hybrid. i lose every match. i love this shit. my cat is crawling up my legs

why is bruce lee in this game? what?

fight night isn’t dead it just has confusing grappling systems now


I really do keep meaning to try one of the UFC games I just know no one who I trust to tell me what the good one is, I’m already out on a limb with fight night


Hypothetically speaking if I were the kind of person who had played The Division 2 I would be in awe at how the 6 development studios listed in the opening sequence spent tens of millions of dollars to make a game that looks, sounds, and plays identically to the first game.

Also didn’t the first game end with the division being the bad guys? Why are you in the division again? Maybe you’re in a new organization called The Division 2. I’m basing this all in hearsay because I literally have never been able to pay attention to any of the dialogue in these games because it is the most bland Tom Clancy world yet.


Pretty sure all the Tom Clancy games relish in your doing heinous shit and casually revealing at the end that, whoops, you were bad all along.

I never finished Ghost Recon Wildlands but your handler has a love and passion for torture that gives the writing in Shadow Complex a run for its money.


Ten years ago Ubisoft set out to make the world’s most efficient global multi-studio game assembly machine. Eight years ago, they succeeded.

Now, they bask in the release of…



Hypnospace Outlaw ('90s internet mystery/Digital: A Love Story-like from Dropsy creator and others) is better than I had hoped (and I backed it). There’s a lot of very specific art reaching into very specific niches, and it’s consistently off-kilter rather than a shallow-ish nostalgia recreation, as too many of these follow-ons are. There are enough jokes in the well-portrayed voices and, when it can’t find a joke, it can lean on weird style.

it’s got a robot buddy that reads emails to you in Microsoft voice

and so much lovely, lovely dithering

I’m more than conflicted in learning that the 2003-nostalgia WinXP game is getting a 2009-era version

and I can’t parse my feelings between, this is too early to glean much meaningful, and, am I just being old and cranky at retro lapping my time?

Thinking about this sub-genre, I realized that Digital: A Love Story is actually preceded by GTA IV. Not that it necessarily inspired Christine, but the web browser in GTA IV is such a wild and original concept it’s miraculous it showed up in a game with a budget that big. Maybe Rockstar is best analogized as the out-of-control 70s studio directors, following up mass and critical hits dreamlike boondoggles. Maybe they’re in their Zardoz period? Maybe that’s why I liked Red Dead 2 so much


all i do is look at fanart of hollow knight by korean artists on twitter who often draw pictures of the final (but not the final FINAL) boss shipped with a difficult boss that came post-release DLC despite them both having hardly any Lore reasons for knowing each other because they’re both tall, lanky bugs with capes

anyways the trailer to hollowknight silksong is my favorite 2019 game so far


i got the division 2 for free when i bought my processor but there is no way in hell i’m installing that thing


I got a switch with Zelda Breath of the Wild and Baba is You and I’ve been mostly playing Baba is You.

I like how open the spaces are in this game: the game is entirely about its clever premise of word manipulation, it’s not at all a cramped claustrophobic Sokoban-like like Stephen’s Sausage roll. At least so far.

After being stuck on a puzzle for a while I do say out loud the rules « Ok, Baba is you… wall is stop… lava is hot… lava is float? Crab is open? Crab is you? ». And it does help yes


I should’ve posted about this first! My friend programmed Hypnospace Outlaw and its been a delight seeing it develop into what it is. There are some good adventure game puzzles in between all the ‘internet exploring’.

The music is generally great (except when its bad on purpose as with Seepage) and the viruses are really fun to install intentionally.

There’s also an excellent cameo from Neil Cicierega, where he provides an entire soundset for the OS. Absolutely worth playing the game with it


I rarely buy new games but I just picked up Hypnospace Outlaw thanks to this thread.


yeah, i like that (so far) it’s been very clear which rules it wants you to be able to change and which are off-limits/pushed up into a corner so they’re untouchable. it lets you engage with the actual premise rather than worry about the rules as physical objects. i’m sure they’ll make this more of an obstacle later though, i only just got to the lake