Games You Played Today Classic Mini


shroud of the avatar starts with you stalking richard garriot on facebook then consulting ancient tomes and secret forums on the dark web and getting sucked into the game through your alienware laptop


You wake up the next morning. Fragmentary images of last night flicker through your mind. Did the ancients really speak to you?
As you turn to look out the window, you feel a tug on your head.
It really did happen! You will be a wizard!, you enthuse, stroking your padawan braid.


been playing some more FORZA HORIZON: UK EXCEPT THE ONLY CITY IS EDINBURGH (I think?) FOR SOME REASON edition. there are really only two things I like in this game: road races, and driving around pointlessly in fun cars. there’s some stunt racer story. it sucks. the rally stuff sucks, it doesn’t even work and I do better in street cars than in rally cars. the other gimmicky stuff is, well, gimmicky.

but I really like the stuff I like, it’s fucking fun. I probably have to crank the difficulty, because even on ‘above average’ with no assists and so forth the computer drives at like half speed. this is especially true when you’re driving like B class cars and stuff, which is what I’m having the most fun doing unfortunately. I guess I could turn off rewind, but doing that just seems punishing when most of the time I’m racing in areas I don’t know anything about and races last like 5 minutes tops, giving you no time to get used to anything. the way I’m playing is pleasant enough, though. it’s not a racing game, it’s a drive around AAA box checker. that’s what it’s good at. I could spend a lot of time doing that.


I started feeling that too near the end of the desert zone with my berserker. I started going out of my way for the biggest defense numbers forgoing any interesting effects and still felt like I was made out of paper. But I think the biggest reason I didn’t stick with TL2 was the lack of a pet keeper class. I loved my alchemist in TL1 that had a full zoo build.


dickgarriott: look at you, avatar, a pathetic creature of meat and bone! panting and sweating as you run through my corridors. how can you challenge a perfect, immortal machine?


isn’t every ultima game about some nerd being transported to a fantasy land?


Also enormous amounts of user generated content, particularly for Doom. As for Diablo’s goodness, it relies partly on the how the level generation goes. Once you hit the caverns shit can get messy, like my recent replay’s first run went a bit shit with hordes of magma and lightning demons just barraging me in the cavern’s wide open spaces. Had it not been for the fact the RNG also granted me several pieces of lightning damage nerfing gear before I got there I probably would have started over with the same character, though having that option is nice if you get some bullshit like that thrown at you.

Second run through caverns were mostly Hell Knights and serpents and far less annoying. But the lowest levels of Hell I think always spam those fucking annoying wizards and are jsut kind of bad IMO.




Jesus Christ how would they get all the roadworks into the tracks

Ah, half the streets are blocked off and the other half go completely the wrong direction, accurate


the only reason i want to go back to Diablo 3 is because they added the necromancer. I fucking loved playing a skeleton summoning idiot necromancer in D2, even though they sucked in the, uh, meta i guess


new forza highlights: 1) racing in a 1970 camaro, then taking my beat up camaro into the woods in the dark looking for dumb shit. highly entertaining. 2) jumping off a mountain in the highlands in some off road buggy thing, tumbling down the last half, then sliding to a stop on the road right at the base. lowlight: another rubberbanding showcase race. here, take some car you’ve never seen on an area you’ve never seen, and race a train that will always barely lose to you.


honestly, a lot of builds in 2 were mediocre until they put in the talent synergies and you could actually fashion things built around lower-tiered skills

even then, nothing matters, rush towards The One Skill and spam that shit everywhere


the original blaster master is bad, but it also rules

I played some of blaster master zero and it’s neat but too polished/easy and overwritten.

I want to make a blaster master style game that goes all in on the childhood sense of wonder vibe of the original but is actually smartly designed.

I probably never will tho!


Where does Blaster Master PS1 stand?


Yeah but what is your race playlist?


I feel like it’s actually better than the NES title but kind of drags halfway through. I’ve never finished it.

You can’t fuck with the subtitle “Blasting Again” tho


Finally got the platinum in Agents of Mayhem.


played a lot of victoria 2 when i was at my parents’ for the vacation.

the base game is quite contrived. only when i got the first expansion (“a house divided”) the economics and politics started clicking for me. i would’ve gotten the latest expansion but since the biggest improvements were in naval combat / colony mechanics, i’m not interested right now.

i like this game a lot. it took me a long time to realize i enjoy management sims; it’s just that for a while i only knew age of empires and that game never felt nice for any reason other than the military. there’s a therapeutic thing to setting up short, medium and long-term strategies, fix the budget, allocate resources and . . . watch the numbers go up and down and up again.

obviously, the underlining systems (and the culture of players around it) are perverse (just like real life!). the game’s logic and its setting recquire that any “competitive” player has to acquire resources from foreign land in order to secure constant increases in production up the value chain to feed the country’s basic needs. this can be done in only three ways: conquest, colonial expansion and “sphering” regions through influence (the latter which eliminate importation tarifs for products from the “sphered” countries). accumulation is a circular thing, and that you can’t, for ex, fiddle with tariffs / taxes in more specific ways or manipulate interest within certain economic activities inside the country forces you to treat the entire economy in a circular, short circuit way (just like liberals irl!!)

all of it is awful of course, and the fact the game treats these things as “agnostic” for the sake of roleplaying is gross; but then again, a game with different systems with an alternative logic would be super hard to make right (i’m excited to play 3dvision’s new game (that comes out this friday!) too see an attempt)

during the late-game of most campaigns, a certain thing happens. increases in production / investment become so large and sparse that consuming markets – i.e factories and the general population – can’t follow up, and since all industries exist for profit, they become uncapable of selling most products for a long time. i was looking at the paradox forums the other day and people had been discussing that for a while. turns out what karl marx and others predicted in the 19th century as the tendency for overproduction crisis (just like in the 1920s) is soft-coded into game’s economic system. that’s pretty interesting!

the secret reason why i like victoria 2, though, is that i can fulfifll my most obscene, perverted fantasy: fill latin-america to the brim with state-of-the-art railroads


When I played EU4 I would play a West Coast Native American tribe and try to violently annex all the other tribes and manifest destiny my way over to the East Coast with the idea of defeating the European colonial invasion when it inevitably arrives.

It’s extremely hard and maybe even impossible due to the severe tech penalties the game incurs upon Native Americans though.


vicky 2 is fantastic. economy is too simplistic and that’s why there are also overproduction problems in the late game tho. unfortunately it’s the most niche game from paradox so it gets no love from them.

how is that 3dvision’s game somehow different from any city builder?