Games You Played Today Classic Mini


Didn’t play original Diablo at the time and it doesn’t do much for me now; just feels like a weak roguelike. How does it compare to D2? I find the latter still rather playable, albeit pretty easy and mindless.


I mostly like Diablo 3. It’s got good crunch and there are a lot of buttons to press. I do think the excessive balancing sort of homogenizes the experience, though. Most of the fun of D2 is doing completely broken shit.

Diablo games in general are improved significantly if you play w/ a friend or two.


if i didn’t like 3 or loot games in general should i avoid ever looking at the first two?


2 was good dumb fun before the idea of a “loot game” was codified as was 1 as a 90s dungeony roguey thing. they were both better in their time than 3 (though 3 isn’t that bad) but I don’t think either has really aged well.


I think they’re influential enough that nearly all the ideas they have have been mined out and put into countless modern games at this point. So yeah, probably superfluous to go back if you don’t have a loot compulsion.


2 is more about the build than the loot, to be honest


Play 1 for the mood and art; play 2 for the globetrotting; play 3 for the buildcrafting.

3 is essentially broken for the first twenty hours until you beat the game and hit max level, something I’ve realized its fans have forgotten. It’s also a fascinating study in genre bending towards player expectations and abstractions and away from the core fantasy – it’s worth studying what the numbers do and what they represent and whether they are historical elements or modern functional bits.


best part about 1 is that it’s just perfectly paced and with perfect atmosphere.


I’ve only played a bit of 2 to where I got passed the desert area and played at least past the first chapter in D3. D3’s biggest failing is gating the build work. In D2 you start finding some weird equips and buffs so you start theory crafting as you played. I remember having a necro where I had a wand of some kind that added lightning to my ranged spells and a dagger that had mana drain so I had a ranged mode and a recovery mode loop going on beside whatever summons I had around.


Diablo 2 destroyed a year of my life, basically, and I still never got any fucking good at it


3 sucks imho. Play the original for the atmosphere, forget the rest and go straight to Path of Exile if you want a cool loot game. Then come back for the Diablo phone game whenever that comes out because I’m sure none of us want to miss that


I think torchlight 2 is unfairly ignored? That game was a joy to co-op through, leagues ahead of diablo 3


I remember Diablo 3 back at release, when all the loot was bad, and everyone had to go Diablo Ebay all the time to buy new gear and sell theirs.

It was bonkers and ruled a lot. It was singularly unique and original, it helped with pacing, and made completing sets less RNG dependant.

I am the only person with that opinion


Playing through a normal campaign of Diablo is highly recommended. Just a great dark fantasy experience, no other game’s really matched it frankly.


True, I forgot about that. It’s a cool game, too


vanilla Diablo 3 was a goddamn hot mess and trying to do anything without spending money on pixels was a crapshoot

I much prefer Reaper of Souls’s emphasis just throwing a shit ton of set and unique gear and letting people figure out how to piece it together with builds (though that has its own problems since any given build will rise to the top and create balance issues but that really only matters if you’re a nerd and grinding greater rifts)


Why can’t I stop playing Quake and Doom?


Because they are good (especially Quake).

I’m not so sure if Diablo is good.


I ended up hitting a wall in Torchlight 2 where I was getting murdered instantly all the time and I couldn’t figure out why. I wasn’t underlevelled as far as I could tell and it was just, like…2 hit kills from every enemy.

I did like it a lot up to that point though


Diablo 3 is a decent couch coop game. On it’s own, I feel that it is a bit of a drag. I never cared about Leah.