Games You Played Today Classic Mini


Do you mean the Mamoru Oshii movie that was filmed in Taiwan, or is there another one? The Oshii one is definitely an odd one, switching between slow melancholy, slapstick comedy and violent action movie. I’d probably only recommend it to diehard Oshii fans myself


No I was thinking of the Tsai Ming-Liang one, which is apparently on youtube?

That sounds cool though




after playing the first set of stages of campaign+ mode in Cactus+, I’m overjoyed to inform everyone that Cactus is once again game of the year after taking 2018 off to recover from winning it 3 times in a row

maybe, just maybe, video games are good.


I really didn’t care for Cactus much at all, especially after playing Nex Machina which is one of the best arcade games I’ve played in years.


It really is an arcade game too; arcade game length and arcade game difficulty, and the sense of everything getting lit up and exploding continuously. It’s the best twinstick shooter I’ve ever played and Cactus feels sterile and limp by comparison. In Nex Machina the world is all voxels that react to your gunfire and the ground can ripple along the gridlines with shockwaves; there’s a real physical cohesion between everything on the screen that Cactus has nothing of. The human chaining system is as interesting as any shmup’s scoring system has ever been, and it’s immediately accessible. The game doesn’t waste a second of your time, whereas I uninstalled Cactus when even the game’s survival mode showed an uneagerness to let me die even when I tried to.


it’s okay, I’ve accepted that it’s only me and the other 20 assholes who like and support the game


I thought cactus was limp too but I’ve never ever been able to get into a Housemarque game and I’m not sure why; I was in the beta for Nex Machina and everything and it just didn’t grab me

I think it’s maybe their approach to progression and level design that’s just too confidently arcadey and I wouldn’t say that it’s missing a trick exactly, but it’s similar to how I lose interest in smash TV halfway into a run whereas I’ll play teleglitch or nuclear throne endlessly

and even the scoring isn’t as technical or interesting as like geometry wars for that matter. it’s just a lot of pushing ahead.

I should give it another shot


fwiw I think there are only two good Housemarque games; Resogun and Nex Machina. I don’t expect them to recover from the battle royale game they’re working on; it looks tragic.

You have to save all the humans in a chain while clearing the waves, so you can’t pick them all up too quickly because then your chain will die while finishing the waves in that room. What this means is that you have to devise a path between them and stick around them while not dying, and given the speed and swarms of the enemies that’s harder than it sounds (I just fired the game up again and got killed several times in the second room on Veteran trying to focus too hard on the humans). It’s an elegant interrogation of space that plays out within 10 seconds and does demand really technical timing and threat management. There’s also lots of secret things to blow up and secret levels to find which are important for score, and the time this takes away from focusing on the enemies is another crucial thing to manage.

The game shines best on Veteran difficulty with a one-credit limitation. Also laser = best subweapon imo.


I started watching Stray Dogs years ago when it was on Netflix but I never finished it. I think Tsai might be someone where his works snowball on each other so that if you watch one, you can get more out of the next one, so I’d really like to see Stray Dogs now. I don’t think it’s a trick you have to “get.” It just has deliberate, slow pacing. Shoplifters is so good, not really like Stray Dogs, but I see what you mean. Watch Shoplifters, please.


I’ve gotta be honest with you. I watched your live stream, but I spent a lot of it playing Mario Golf 64.


Why can’t I stop playing Diablo?


idle hands


That original diavolo is soooo good


but are you playing right and duping Godly Plate of the Whale for all of your friends and some strangers

I get the feeling we like our respective games for the same reason and differ on how each game goes about achieving this loop


I never learned how to dupe.


Hope you are not playing Warrior



I’ve beaten the game once years ago as a Mage, and I’ve played as an Archer / Bow Person / Whatever before as well.

Warrior was the only one I’ve never tried.

s’abit dull


It gets bad for you on Hell difficulty, when there are physical immune monsters.


Just on Normal difficulty for now, but thanks for the tip.

Been debating whether I should pick up Diablo III for PS4 when it goes on sale again.