Games You Played Today Classic Mini


blood and wine was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. i’d played through most of the main story and the hearts of stone expansion and i got a few hours into blood and wine and suddenly just felt like “i’ve been playing this game for a thousand fucking years, i don’t want to play it any more!”
so i didn’t
it is good though
i guess it didn’t help that i loved hearts of stone’s story and it had a cool ending too


oh yeah i played DmC today and i’m definitely going to beat it. i wish it came out post-trump so its ideas about what demons are would have better figures attached to them. adam curtis presents dmc 2

its very stupid and almost works, whereas most games dont work at all and are more than very stupid

combichrist is good. noisia sucks. why was every ps3 game horny for noisia


I can’t wait for you to know the game like the back of your hand!*

- the point I stopped was when it got heavy into use Black attacks on Black enemies and White Attacks on White enemies. Not a race problem just a real stupid complication to a battle system that did nothing. And then two cutscenes in a row characters refered to knowing things like the back of their hand. But I have a real thing for slagging on Ninja Theory’s writing. …

**-“this is it this is where the slave ship crashed.”


what even is the ninja theory


Finally a stand up comic…for the gamers.


Yeah I certainly wouldn’t hold this against anybody. I have been playing Witcher 3 off and on on a drip feed for like a year at this point though and I really enjoy that pacing.

Hearts of Stone’s strength is definitely its one main throughline, which is extremely well-written. Blood & Wine is more of a systems advancement, and they really filled out the quests to fully exploit all the mechanics. It’s broad where Hearts of Stone is deep.


Hey, hey, it’s not a Ron Gilbert game, come on :wink:


I actually don’t feel that way about Ron Gilbert games at all! Those at least try to amuse you before throwing obtuse puzzle shit at you.


I could only rock “Aquatic Ambiance” on YouTube so many times before finally revisting Donkey Kong Country. It hasn’t aged well but is surprisingly still very pretty! Feels more like a Sonic game than a Mario one.


@boojiboy7 I feel like there was some sort of importance attached to the fact that you kept running into the exact same enemy gang member models?? Like there was this ur-gangsta who couldn’t ever truly be killed that you kept running into over and over again, and he just had a Nameless One memory problem? Pretty sure there was also a huge Oedipus plotline about the protagonist being obsessed with a woman who was secretly also his mom


we detected hints of Oedipal themes, yes

the scene in front of the apartment was the key as he pined for his…girlfriend who is the same actor as his mom…

and his boss at the club is like bro, you should maybe chill on this girl because you’ve been coming in every night and you’re creepin on the talent

thanks dad, says our bro who then has to fight for his superpowers from dear ol’ da

his cop pop


Yeah his dad was a cop and an ikea mechanic who left his mom after some domestic violence stuff (which fits with the cop thing).

There was so much in that. We were howling at it. Parker broke down at least twice. It was amazing.


And so very much oedipal stuff, yeah.


it was the most oedipal thing I’ve seen in years


I’m so hype for our next play through.


Yeah, definitely don’t write off the sounded replay guys; it’s insane. Some really unspeakable lines in there. Also there’s combat music.


Damn I guess I need to redownload it and hear what they’re saying.

The voice acting that slips into the first playthrough is…it’s a lot!


it’s just like the first five minutes of him ordering a hot dog right?

I was going in and out of sleep when Cuba played through it at Bumpass and consequently I have no idea how long it is. All I remember is a racist Swedish boy who loved his mother very much and got Samus’ hyper beam at the end


I still can’t believe there’s a second playthrough and you get to hear the dialog

it’s the most bonkers thing, that they actually bothered to record all of that for this baffling piece of shit and then made you earn it


The dialogue consists of jawdropping, ridiculous twists to subvert what you would’ve expected from the silent playthrough. It’s the proper second half of the game. It might make even less sense than the silent playthrough because it leaves no space for you to supply your own sense.