Games You Played Today Classic Mini


if it’s any consolation, siege just pushed its new map and characters out as a 50gb patch


see this is how I felt about it

I only played the demo but it left me wondering why so many people were crazy about it.


Blood and Wine is gorgeous.

It’s also basically a whole other game and like, what the fuck, how is it possible that there is this much Witcher 3 it never ends


Finally finished The Quiet Man.

Decided to just read a plot summary rather than replay The Quiet Man: No More Underwater Xylophones Edition and hoo boy.


Five hours in, I’m just now learning that your magirock replenishes after using jewelry. Previously, I thought you simply had a limited amount of magic spells you could cast in the game, so I had been hoarding those rocks up for…something. Hopefully, with this knowledge, the combat will become somewhat less monotonous.


I vaguely wished we had recorded the sleep deprived insanity of Quiet Bumpass because we had a whole headcanon going on and now I can’t remember any of it


As for Blood & Wine, it keeps getting better, it is definitely better than the main game and learned good lessons from it. CDPR is becoming The Good Bioware and I’m here for it


I am one trophy away from getting the platinum in Agents of Mayhem.


I remember someone was an Ikea Repairman. There was a dude who really wanted to be in like Goodfellas, but was clearly not in the mafia. I am betting it will come back once we start in on it again.

That being said, I am going to work on figuring out more recording stuff for Branson.


I spent all Dark Souls Remastered trying to get Solaire to be a good person and I borked it. Also, uh, fuck this Izalith place it is so gd bright and ugly. I kinda like that it’s not Euro Dark Fantasy anymore here, but like… it still is pretty underdeveloped

(I have never beaten Dark Souls)


Izalith is a pretty common point of criticism, yeah.

Now imagine it with like 4x as many dragon butts, that’s how it was on release


and yeah you have to have leveled up in the pyromancy convenant before going to izalith to save solaire, which is not something most people will have done

at least his bad ending is very apropos


I started the Age of the Dark because I lost my friend Solaire. My sun was gone. It was time to leave the Age of Gods and suns behind.


Borrowed my friend’s switch and I’ve been playing zelda for literal days now. The last time I clicked this hard with a game was shin megami tensei nocturne. It is very good lol. I know I’m like three years late on this but the entire gerudo link plot is cute. I mean like a fourth of the plot here revolves around crossdressing, that’s kind of amazing.

Jesus games are so time consuming. I’ve only seen maybe over half the map. I don’t imagine it’d be too hard to rush straight through the main quest but where’s the fun in that.


i was playing this again last night and found some things i’d never seen before. They’re not plot relevant but spoilered: I found a gigantic (we’re talking 6 stories tall) sword embedded in a mountain. Nearby was a bear seemingly living in a lean-to??? He had a sword too.

BotW is perfect in its magnitude for me, in that I do not feel the need to see everything, but every time I turn it on I will still find something I’ve never seen before.


Like Shadow of the Colossus, I think it’s better if you quit just before the cusp of explanations because both games are very obvious with where they’re heading and really want the illusion of a web of possibilities more than the closed-off reality


The bear in the lean-to had a sword?! Where was this?


Big Fight: Big Trouble in the Atlantic Ocean is a good assed game. Check out those linescrolling floors and all that paralax on even like individual chairs and shit, foreground objects. Jumping suplexes, and universal blocking, and big thick sprite chunky meat boys. You can play as the bosses once you beat them. Selectable routes with live updating minimap overlay = nonlinear synergy. Just bursting at the seams in 1992.

Thrilled 2 play, but sad 2 have missed for so long. I refuse to credit feed this game.


well, that is to say, the lean-to had a sword in it, and the bear came from the lean-to. but the bear was not actively wielding a sword. in fact, the bear probably just ate the person who had the sword before but i really like to imagine that the bear was wielding the sword just before i got there


I nearly completed a robot named fight a second time but I died two rooms before the final boss