Games You Played Today Classic Mini


let me push a slightly newer one before you get to the last battle of chapter 1, it looks like I last fixed some minor script bugs up until right before you go to orbonne in chapter 3 a year ago but never did a build


Wait what. Felix did a thing for FF Tactics? How come I don’t know about this?




the worst part of next gen gaming is waiting to download an 80 gb game that is a remaster of a 9 gb game. how many more trees am i killing just to have 2056x2056 wall textures


OK assuming I haven’t forgotten how to push these out, figured I’d take care of this before I finished lunch

uhhh good luck, I think(?) I’m still happy with my work here(???)


“or … [blame god Felix]”



ty i hope our saves will still work

you are a gift and i blame you

EDIT: btw i’m twelve years old


I can feel it creeping upon me once again…

The desire to play Megaman Legends. It’s so damn charming but its controls are bad enough to render it basically unplayable.

Someone please tell me there’s a romhack to make it controllable or something.


I started playing Terranigma. I’ve just revived humanity and I’m in Loulan. There’s something very eerie about a cartoonish SNES game attempting to depict a facsimile of the real world. There’s a lot of tonal whiplash. One moment, I’m helping a boy lion through a rite of passage; next, I’m with a mountain goat who suggests eating her dead mate in order to survive an avalanche; a moment after that and I’m at a site where Tibetan sky burials are performed.

I’m still on board and buckled up, but I really have no idea what to expect.


Unfortunately you’re entering the slow third act which is half the length of the game, but if you found the revival/rebirth of humanity beautiful (I’ve tried to recreate that feeling in three different games now) it’s worth hanging on till the end, which I found deeply cathartic.


Never lock on only circle strafe.


I had a very similar feeling with Illusion of Gaia, and unfortunately I think I also got kind of bored with the repetitive gameplay towards the end so I never finished it. Quintet is really on another level though.

EDIT: BTW, if you’re feeling particularly moved by Loulan, you should watch this 1980s NHK documentary series about the Silk Road. I fell asleep to part of an episode basically every night for a year because I liked the theme song so much. It’s really enchanting and it’s all on youtube.


I loved the underworld opening in Terranigma, and then I had a hard time accepting that the whole rest of the game didn’t plan to show me any more impressive alien landscapes, but was going to play it very straight with normal Earth landscapes instead. Another “tonal whiplash” problem I guess.


I really didn’t like handling and combat in Terranigma. Soulblazer and Illusion don’t excel there but seem a lot tighter in my hands, and the latter has Freedan/Shadow forms. Very related, being at least a little better fleshed out with everything available systems wise would’ve made those more worth paying attention to (all those weapons, spell usage, boss mechanics).

The way Ark steps in and out of vastly different peoples/cultures, like no big thang is a bit weird even for fantastic SNES worlds but his role just irons that out anyways. Loved most everything else about it.

edit: I listened to the credits song like 25-30 times the week I finished it. Yeah that ending, carries a poignant tone with everything before it and yet some peace. I know why it still echoes with fans over the last 24 years.


Some good insights I’d never come across here, very cool:

Miyazaki: In the course of making our previous games, I started to think about what the actions of humans would like from a non-human viewpoint. The heart of Terranigma’s story lies in the perspective of the Earth, and how it views human activity.

Take that :timer_clock: Trigger!


Yes I’m so glad someone else on SB watched this documentary


I don’t think I like The Witness.

I get that it’s trying to be very clever, but it gives so little feedback. It feels very cold and distant, like someone waiting silently with disdain for me to figure out what they want.


I was wondering about the investment in art before it released, but after playing The Witness, having a lovely, quiet, sunny island to do this cold game on makes all the difference. I like being in that place so the ‘walk around and think about the puzzle’ space can occur in-game.


oof this might be why i fell off of it. thanks for vocalizing this


i have also been doing a lot of puzzle-solving with the new ps plus games.

and by “puzzle-solving,” i mean getting a sick k/d ratio in call of duty 4: modern warfare remastered