Games You Played Today Classic Mini


Saw some distressful stuff online tonight and decided to go play R4 Ridge Racer Type 4 to take my mind off of it. I like how most of the tracks have some defining aspect of the original Ridge Racer track in them, so they feel familiar while not being repetitive. As someone who pays too much attention to the colors of the city after dark, I find the color grading on all of the tracks superb, but especially the night ones. And it goes without saying that the music is excellent too.

I’ll definitely have to revisit it, as I never really feel like I got a grip on the drifting in this one. I’m also super curious how the AI works in R4, it felt very rubber-bandy to me during this play through (on Normal).

It’s hard to go back to 30fps once you’ve had a taste of what 60fps Ridge Racer feels like by playing the Ridge Racer hi-spec disc though.


I made it to the final row of puzzles in TIS-100 and took a look at the first puzzle on it before going out for a walk. During said walk I pondered it and thought I came up with a pretty solid plan for it. Got home and typed up the first half of it and with a quick fix or two got it working within a few minutes. I quickly typed up the second half of it and realized I needed an extra 0 added in someplace as opposed to the two I thought would be enough. I added it in and the whole program hangs up right past the part where it comes up.

After this very productive first several minutes I spend the next hour-plus moving said zero around and no matter where I try to hide it the end result is the whole program crashing because it backs up the first half of the puzzle too much. I go as far as to scrap the entire second half, start from scratch, come up with an entire different plan that both doesn’t work as well and still causes the whole thing to hang.

I then had a thought. I loaded up my original design, moved one command down a spot and the whole thing worked perfectly. See, I wrote to add from the left before the right as it shouldn’t make a difference yet it added a single move delay that turned out to be important. If I’d have just written it that way first (it was a true 50-50 proposition)…

…Puzzle games are rough some times :stampstampstamp:


This sounds like my job everyday


i think my initial impressions of doom 4 might have been too harsh. the problem is that it’s an okay game when i was hoping for an awesome game.

it does pick up once you go to hell for the first time, though



is that like how your childhood dog awaits you in heaven


jesus The Surge is a shitty game. what do you think it’s like to know you learned all of the Wrong Lessons from Dark Souls


Yeah someone went back and retranslated the whole thing again. Now I’m no Tulpa at recognizing good writing but it reads a lot better to me. But see, I played the game with the German translation the first time around and I don’t remember it having the same problems as the English translation. But that one was based on the English translation, not the Japanese original, so I guess the reuinion mod is probably the best choice nowadays.

And I miss having thick ass guides to go with my games! I had two different ones for FF7. I read them until they fell apart, it was great. The versus guide is new to me though, I’ll definitely check that out.


i was annoyed that they fixed “This guy are sick” but not “Attack while the tail is up!”


that’s not a mistake though, it’s just poorly formatted!

(though they still shouldn’t have fixed this guy are sick)


Wait what’s wrong with attack while the tail is up? I can only imagine that it should be don’t attack because when you do he blasts you with a laser?


Ah okay, I read up on it and now I get it. As I said, I’m not familiar with the original English translation


the full line is “attack while it’s tail is up, and it will use its counter-attack!”, but it’s split across two text boxes

it doesn’t really matter though, since a couple of lightning bolts’ll kill it quick enough anyway




me: playstation, i need worse teammates than the randos you match me up with in apex legends

ps4: call of duty 4 remastered is free on playstation plus!


Yeah, it has “Attack while it’s tail’s up!” standing by itself which is all sorts of crimes in one but some think it’s worded that way so that you actually make that mistake and fill up your limit break. You can beat it that way too and the chance you’ll wipe is low, so who cares


Hey you can always team up with me, there’s nothing worse


@haley and i have been playing final fantasy felix


oh no

which build do you have


the one up through chapter 2, the second download in that thread