Games You Played Today Classic Mini


I watched a Let’s Play of Satisfactory and you just have to admire a game in which you can casually build a space elevator. And of course they went whole hog and made you able to see the cable from miles and miles away, it’s awesome. Kind of a Halo moment to see that


I confess that I have looked up the solutions to two Baba Is You puzzles and I’ve never felt dirtier.

One in particular I’ll hate myself forever for not experiencing the joy of discovering the game worked like that.

(But also, I’d spent like a full hour on it over the course of two nights, and my free time is precious.)


I looked up one out of the ~70 I’ve done so far just because I wanted to make sure I wasn’t misunderstanding what pull could do

answer: nope!


I’ve looked up two so far but I’m not going to any more because what is the point?

maybe we can start a baba is you hint thread where we can nudge stuck players towards the right line of thinking without giving any solutions away?


that is a good idea


it is done


The in-game hint system in Thimbleweed Park is so good at pointing you in the right direction without giving outright spoilers if you don’t want it. It’s also charming but frustrating that it is tied diagetically to the availability of a phone.



game is good


Puzzle golf…is a really good idea


I’m in love


when you boot it up the first time there is no title screen or anything you are just playing the game


This is neat design.


Analogue Mega Sg arrived today! I’ve never played Castlevania: Bloodlines, so I guess I’ll check that out!



that is so surreal to me.


think she might be a bit blinkered on the first part of the tweet but she’s really doubling down on the second


i never could’ve imagined that we would live in a world where rosemary’s baby’s mom would be preaching the gospel of Myst and Riven on the net.


1993 wasn’t a great year for her so I’m glad cyan were able to do her a solid


I also got my Mega Sg today.

Trying to flip my sleep schedule for my time off so I guess I might give it a try uhhhh tomorrow?

Gotta dig up my carts! Or hope that they release the jailbreak firmware from the usual “mystery source” so I can just load up an SD card and slap my JP Sonic 2 cart in for ~aesthetic~