baba is stuck

spoiler free baba is you hint thread


  • if you’re stuck, post the puzzle you’re stuck on
  • if you know the solution, try to give a vague hint to what line of thought the stuck person is missing
  • do not post solutions!
  • use blur spoilers when applicable! ie, if you’ve partially solved a puzzle, blur out what you did to partially solve it

Oh no I’m stuck on way too many puzzles
Will look up later

I have found exactly one puzzle to be bullshit and that’s Prison. IMO you can just go ahead and look up the solution to this one right away

Edit: It looks like the PC version of this puzzle has one more word that makes it infinitely nicer than the Switch version. I’m playing on the switch

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Ah, I like that one, that made me grin.

The ghost push/pull level with the key and slaved flag has got me now – someday soon my unconscious will solve it, I feel.

I’ve taken 4+ stabs at this Space-12: Guardians, and I can’ t figure out how to do anything but make fun patterns out of the ice.

A little tipperoo would do just nice, friends!

this fucking game makes me laugh out loud enough that i have gotten soft complaints


I’m noticing I get stuck the most on “do I have to make thing X temporarily into Y in order to accomplish Z” puzzles


I get irrationally annoyed when I start a level as keke

I like being baba!! Lemme change on my own terms!


I’m stuck at like 6 puzzles cleared in space, having a hard time with the ~4 more available to me, including this one

I feel like KeKe is BaBa’s lumpy large sidekick

KeKe wants to puzzle and adventure to!

But usually KeKe Is Move or KeKe Is Push


Okay I just finished this one, it’s slightly counterintuitive and I’m not even 100% sure if I know what happened BUT here are some hints in increasing order of bluntness

Hint 1: EMPTY is useful, but not as a word
Hint 2: PULL works for more than just items behind you
Hint 3 (most of the solution): If you assemble the rule “ICE IS PULL” at the same time as you move on to a block of ice, you will move with the ice and it will protect you from UFOs.


I’ve finished about 70 levels? don’t have my switch to check the exact number right now. I’m running into hard and soft walls everywhere I go now though, it’s getting to be frustrating. I will probably ask for some hints after I really push at all of the puzzles I have unlocked and determine which ones I’m really stuck on.

I am forever vexed by Fall-3 Rocky Road

Like… I don’t even know where to start lol.

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oh that one’s really easy when you stop overthinking it

I disagree! I think it’s super lynchpin-y / fiddly and I kind of hate it. It took me like 30 minutes of staring at it and I wasn’t satisfied when I finally figured it out. I’m also not sure how to give hints for it!

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Rock Is Crush

ah shit i solved this one and now i can’t remember how i did it at all. fuck. i gotta break this back open and play with it again and i’ll try to give some hints. i mean, i know the final state it needs to be in:

i know that the solution is to be on the right side and have the rock be pushable, then you push it over all three water blocks to melt them, but i can’t remember how you get to that point.

I agree with this. I finished this one convinced I did it wrong, because it felt unwiedly and loose.

I don’t remember exactly what I did though.

Why is spoiler text not working for me

Hint 1: Rock is hot and Water is Melt are red herrings.

Hint 2: When you move, two things happen: you move, and the consequence of your movement happens (text is pushed, for example) The two things don’t happen at once, but in succession

Hint 3: You can’t teleport after Rock is Push, but maybe you can teleport one nanosecond before Rock Is Push


there have definitely been a few like this where after I solved it I was like… how did I even solve that??

some of these puzzles have a “rock-fucking” (sometimes literally lol) kind of quality to them that doesn’t always work well imo

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you have to use bbcode brackets like [], not XML

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