food, glorious food (and drink)


No, you gotta do one to yourself just once. Just make it happen.


i shouldve done it last night when i was super blotto
instead i somehow ended up half eating a shitty gyudon at yoshinoya, scrub tier

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The stand I got that from seemed to be the one that stayed open late just for the blotto crowd and it was perfect for that.


finally got around to trying anchovy pizza done right, i.e. with the fish being placed on the finished pie after cooking

it really does make all the difference


Just ate a “beyond meat” burger and I kind of feel like a caveman being shown an iPhone. Feels like black magic but I’m impressed. Cows are cancelled


NB I haven’t eaten a real hamburger in like three years but this tastes like what I remember them tasting like. It’s almost fucked up. The uncanny valley of beef.


I want one now


You should try it. Its a whole experience


i hate this whole extremely good fake meat thing because i mostly went vego so i didn’t have to eat meat. so vego options becoming distressingly meaty is not great for me lol

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this is fair. i’m not a vegetarian but occasionally get sick of eating meat and stuff like this doesn’t really help. the other problem is a lot of really elaborate ‘fake meat’ style stuff ends up just being extremely rich and oily. sometimes you just wanna like taste a vegetable, you know?


look the veyond burger tastes lile h9w they describe brahmin milk in fallout tasting: it is strangely like real beef and terrifyingly different at the same time


beyond burgers are fucked up. i love them. i love this timeline

apparently the impossible burger bleeds

behold, at 3:00 : the greatest job in the entire world


shit talking fake meat is really confusing to me by the way. especially from other veg*ns.
(reposted this so it wasn’t directed at the wrong person)

try looking at this from the other angle: if yon omnivore wants to eat a vegetable, you can eat a vegetable extremely conveniently, without sacrificing your principles. if i want to eat a burger but i don’t want to eat a dead cow, what options do i have? you ever had a ‘garden’ burger that wasn’t really extremely pointless? in 2019 i couldn’t go to A&W at four in the morning to ward off a hangover if i wanted to. When i go to restaurants there’s like, 3 things on the menu maximum, vs the eight or ten others and they’re basically all the same. the culinary world is by-and large still completely centered around (factory farmed) meat.

just because i don’t wanna devour corpses doesn’t mean i don’t want a fuckin burger sometimes. you don’t wanna eat meat, don’t. you don’t wanna eat fake meat, don’t. some people do and it makes our lives better! if food science can offer us alternatives to devouring corpses, i really think that’s better for all of us on balance. do we thumb our noses at celiac people who want bread bc we think GF bread is kinda weird?

fake meat has been around for centuries, anyway. it’s not new. seitan! meat replacements for chinese buddhists!


Oh yeah. I definitely get why it exists. I mean I don’t eat beef but really miss burgers for some reason, and I was curious to try that beyond meat burger and it definitely like… worked as a non-burger burg.

Plus, an eventual future where all meat is artificial would be just like. Better all around. I’m not particularly concerned about the ethics of meat eating but even I, a hater of animals, can see that it would probably be better if it didn’t happen at all.

I think the vegetarian/vegan food that irritates me all stems from the fact that vegan cheese has recently been like… perfected somehow? Or at least vegan food that has a really creamy taste. I think it’s good that vegans can have that experience if they want it but personally find those flavors to be kind of cloying and overpowering. Like I wouldn’t order non vegan stuff that was that creamy either. But like, it’s fine I’m not out here trying to put those places out of business… just not for me.

Chinese Buddhist vegetarian food is kind of another thing but related I guess? Some of it tastes amazing, and the stuff that isn’t a perfect meat facsimile is still pretty good in its own right. But, for a long time the only vegetarian/vegan food you could get in Taiwan was the Buddhist stuff and it … gets old really quick, precisely because I think it was invented as a cuisine you could eat as a ‘break’ from meat not like as your main diet. I think the stuff actual monks eat is probably way plainer than that. The kind you get in restaurants is really rich and oily. And they’re not allowed to use any alliums so for seasoning they kind of overdo it on the other spices. At first Taiwan seems like a paradise for vegans because there are so many of these places but after awhile it becomes like, too much.


They’ve started selling these frozen empty open-faced bao buns around here and I am loving it, they come out good.

Last night I filled with panko fried tilapia and spinach and a schmear of miso/wasabi/lemon/mayo and then i sprinkled sesame seeds over the whole thing what a treat a real technological leap.

Also I have been rekindling my love for chinotto soda through sipping on a now flat bottle of this

A refined and dark sugary delight, yum.


dating someone in the city has rekindled my fondness for cookery, in no small part due to the attention my food gets when she posts tweety pictures abt it. someone DMed me asking for a recipe the other day

currently i’m on a high from Queering Sour Cream aka using yogurt instead of sour cream


i’ve come to appreciate the texture and flavor of plain yogurt more than sour cream - it’s tangier and not as dense, goes on pretty much everything. i will from now on refer to it as Queering Sour Cream, thank you

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Creme fraische ya’ll


Thick thick extra-thick yogurt for me always, please



Its kind of like if creme fraiche was even better

yes I am very eastern european

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