food, glorious food (and drink)


allowed myself to be talked into giving Virgil’s root beer a second chance today after getting burned the first time around.

also got the chance to try mochi ice cream!


virgils is great but not your father’s root beer tastes like spicy horse cum


at work, our chef is a huge nerd but found out wholesale we can order the expensive noodles a ramen joint in scottsdale has Shamrock produce for them so it’s a treat that i can get excellent ramen for like five bucks at work every day




I haven’t cooked much in a while on the account of Alicia being home and doing most of the cooking.

BUT two nights ago I cooked up some pork chops that were going to go bad soon and


pork is good

Plus, chipotle makes everything better.


It’s accurate


getting a cute rice cooker has saved my life


what’s our stance on rhubarb pie?


It owns


Rhubarb pie is better than strawberry rhubarb, fight me


their Cola is cool too but also they seemed to have stopped selling it around here.

years ago, one time at work one of the higher ups got some root beer for an office potluck, he got bottles of Saint Arnold (local) and when he came by to happily mention it I reflexively said “shoulda got Virgil’s” and then he was justifiably annoyed like, “well, i got this” and I think about this maybe once a week


god please spread your truth to these useless pie makers who think they can sell me that weak sauce

We grew up with rhubarb growing as weeds in our lawn and there’s nothing like rhubarb pie even if my mom spends the next few days fretting that her crust is ‘wrong’


Strawberries should never be cooked imo


Uncooked/“fresh” strawberry pie is bullshit and I didn’t even know it was a thing until mistakenly ordering it at the pie diner what a disappointment.

But also on the other hand strawberry fruit tarts are the best.


You’re right, ordering strawberry pie was a terrible mistake :waynestare:


We grew some and now I’m a strawberry snob

Ones from the grocery store are basically not worth eating unless macerated

Dried strawberries are good tho


As strawberries have tripled in size in the last decade or two they’ve become much less tasty

following the path of US tomatoes


speaking of Fresh Fruit Desserts

i’ve gotten two pavlovas for consecutive birthdays and i am thinking of asking for a cranachan trifle instead this year (i had one with ladyfingers but looking online these all seem to just be parfaits essentially???)

i’ve had an eton mess but it wasn’t as good as the pavlova… not sure if that was execution or if the dish is fundamentally worse

what do you recommend for my april birthday (ripeness wise) and knowing that meringue is actually my favorite thing??? no panna cottas or w/e.


actually i’m an idiot this is the best thing i’ve ever eaten, it’s exactly a meringue but saturated with egg yolks

my wife makes pancakes as described in the “the food lab” cookbook where he basically makes a meringue and barely folds it in with the other parts of the batter before cooking. it’s fucking gross, the pancakes come out with this weird raw quality even when they’re fully cooked and it’s incredibly delicious

look at this stuff


Went to this place this afternoon w/ my parents and they had great egg tarts!