food, glorious food (and drink)


so i have no stove or oven for the foreseeable future, but i’m the type of guy who likes to eat cooked food

i have these things:
a microwave
a very small toaster oven
an electric kettle
a rice maker

what can i make?


You can’t get a stand-alone electric burner?


i am not sure if our lease allows it for some reason, but might do that anyway bc fuck landlords


If you don’t have a oven/stovetop because of your landlord, they can get fucked imo


it broke (on sunday) and the person they called (yesterday) to fix it didn’t show up (today) so not maliciousness as much as incompetence and negligence, but yeah they can definitely get fucked


We ate at the local fancy grocery store, a week or so ago, for lunch, it’s like the prepared stuff at Whole Foods and there’s a sandwich counter, you get the idea, there’s microwaves and stuff to heat stuff up if you want, near the tables, and so I go to heat up some steak pieces I got (yum) and the guy next to me is talking on his cell phone you know clutching it with his shoulder, he’s got a paper plate and a dozen eggs and he is chatting away and starts cracking eggs onto the plate and then lazily he stirs them up with a fork and sticks it in the microwave I saw the whole thing


To be fair, my first thought for u_u’s question was

But idk that I’d want to eat that every day


pork is good

talking of which, has anyone had the opportunity to try wild boar?


I’ve been loving these fullgrown-baby food applesauce sippy pouch things they are very satisfying and eatable. There’s a bunch of different ones but they all come in the same little sippy pouches

the sippy pouches are key, like for practicality, but I think slurping puree through a small opening is inherently more satisfying than spooning it.


I wish you could get big boy XL sized ones, they don’t make financial sense they have like 50 calories per, or like I wonder if I can buy some kind of reusable homesteader burlap sippy pouches and make my own baby foods. It’s different than a smoothie it feels different, I don’t know I’m really feeling these, I keep them in the fridge and gotta stop myself from slurping down four at a time.


my stove and oven are working again btw, the guy who fixed it was a true champ, bless him

landlords can still eat my butt!!!


Did you make microwave steamed eggs?


I did not! We decided to just be extremely lazy and eat in restaurants until we could cook properly again. It was the right choice


I got some reusable sippy pouches.

I made some apple + pear + strawberry mush and some pear + apple + carrot + cinnamon mush and some yogurt + carrot juice + leftover mush #2 mush and have been sip sliding away.


baby food for adults

that’s brilliant


I’ve seen and bought those so many times for my nephews, but I’ve always been afraid to try one in case I get hooked and fritter away all my money on $2 fruit squeezes


I have a million dollar food conglomerate idea:

back at school you remember seeing kids open their sandwiches and put their chips in there, like weirdos? I do, and as a mature adult my opinion is now “those kids were right” try it it is good. But now: what if you could make and package boxes of bigass indivdual bread-sized potato chips, like the whole length/width of a tater, they’d be in like those plastic oreo/newton trays to keep them from breaking. You could call them, like, Club Crunchers and market them to whoever buys those white bag pepperidge farm cookies.


potato chips in a sandwich is definitely a pro move

it’s like, the whole concept of a sandwich is that you’re combining all of the elements of your lunch into a convenient handheld unit.

why are you gonna add another element to that meal that is not part of the unit.

it’s ridiculous

  • tonkotsu
  • tonkatsu
  • al pastor

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select your chocolate

  • milk
  • dark
  • white

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still have a soft spot for the unbridled confection of white choc but it’s no contest

i remember reading somewhere that the proteins or w/e in milk actually interact with the cacao compounds to get these vanilla flavours or smth and that’s cool, casein’s so cool, but i don’t eat dairy anymore. also anything below 70% cacao is a waste imo

in all the choc i’ve eaten it seems like ~85% is like maximum bitterness and anything above that, for some reason, is smoother?

idk lately i’ve been getting into just munching nibs so maybe i’m not to be trusted