food, glorious food (and drink)


so like chocolate is cocoa solids + cocoa butter and the percentages are the ratio, sure, but is 100% what happens when you just mash/whatever some nibs - like the natural ratio, or is it no cocoa butter?


so now that i have a working oven & stove again i’m finally gonna roast that hog slab

i have not been this excited about anything for all of 2019, it’s a glorious weekend. maybe i’ll post pics

random thought but weird how a cooking thread could potentially belong in both the input and the output forums. that’s pretty unique right.




100% means pure cacao liquor i think yeah. so just roasted mashed nibs


If google is to be believed then my favorite sushi restaurant is gone.
Glad I got to go to Koyoshi while it still existed.


Potato chips in a sandwich is like french fries in a sandwich: wrong. They’re finger foods. Sandwiches are hand foods. What, you think fingers go in hands? Hands go in hands. Go enhance yourself.


Good fries on a pastrami sandwich are perfect.



Yet pastrami fries on a perfect sandwich are merely good. The world’s a scary place.

edit: I’m just joshin, fries are great anywhere. All food is love


so the huge and complicated meal i was planning to celebrate having a working stove/oven again was great, but was also interrupted constantly by our kitchen sink backing up with water from our upstairs neighbors and our apartment manager frantically trying to like pour drano down it and use those weird compressed air can things

now we can’t use our kitchen sink at all and have to catch water in a bucket and pour it down the tub

im afraid our kitchen is going to flood while im at work today

the food was good though


I started shoplifting kombucha bc it’s expensive and I really like that stuff, esp the one they have at whole foods w/ seeds in it.

I just like drinks w/ seeds in them cause this is p much my fav:

Currently working my way thru every dark chocolate bar from whole foods at a slow pace, will post thoughts. But I recommend really dark chocolate in general as a snack.


To clarify, I acquired my taste for kombucha after I started shoplifting it. I started shoplifting it because it was expensive, not because I liked the taste. It’s more fun to shoplift than a diet coke or w/e!


hard to argue with :point_right::raised_hand::point_left:

what fries?

life is not a state fair respect your body

i am six weeks or so into experimenting with homebrewing. current progress: kinda farty and won’t self carbonate hope i don’t get botulism


Desire and lust should not be celebrated


Life is a state fair. Enjoy your body. Desire and lust should be celebrated.

Those pastrami fries look fantastic.


i confess to eating three corn dogs this week


funnel cakes > corn dogs


The best corn dog is better than the best funnel cake, but good corn dogs are rare while good funnel cake is common

So in general, yeah, the funnel cake is the safer bet

But every once in a while you get this divine corn dog and it is just the perfect amount of salty crunchy sweet savory


The worst/best corn dogs are those Korean ones that are covered in fries and you know them shits are at least 2500 calories.


i have been scrupulously avoiding those very bastards for two weeks go me