fashion thread

what do you like to wear? why do you like to wear it? where do you want to go?

what inspires you?

if anyone’s interested i can put together a list of interesting fashion reads. i also have a couple of fashion books im happy to dump pictures from

for now tho here’s a short inspo album i put together earlier this week with the goal of trying to figure out what i want to put on my bod:

Yeah, catwalk shit I treat as nigh pure pageantry - maybe the shoes and the bags I’ll pay practical attention to but beyond that, eh

It’s sort of nice the dudewear side of the spectacle is more flamboyant than it was, but I’m not about to doll myself in full Nasir Mazhar just because it has a platform now
(Why isn’t this shit in videogames yet is the real question for me*)

(*because nerds, yeah yeah)

Don’t you tell me that while you’re decked out in a stillsuit

Yeah I’ve been trying to graduate away from t-shirt and jeans, but I honestly like no muss, no fuss clothing too much. I have only purchased one novelty t-shirt in the last 12 months though, okay. Maybe I’ll start fucking with polo shirts more.

Are dress socks supposed to match your shoes or your pants I always forget

I pretty much just wear clothes to not be noticed / camouflage, and wear basically the same thing every day pants-shirt-jacket-coatifneeded. I used to have a lot more fun with clothes, but got tired of it drawing attention.

What I actually find interesting to look at is stuff that reveals bodies well, or stuff that reforms them. Text related to those, particularly the second, would be great m8.

Is there a Glorious Trainwrecks of clothe making?

I usually wear a T-shirt of some kind sometimes with a draping neck with a long shirt or sweater over top that goes to about my knees. For pants I wear skinny jeans or leggings with shorts and some fancy boots.

Here’s an example though this isn’t me, I also no longer have long hair:

These are my current boots:

sometimes i leave the house wearing nothing but clothes from uniqlo and/or muji and i feel fine about that



There’ s probably a reason why I’ve never done the shorts and leggings thing but I can’t think what

It’s fun

i wear nothing but all black all the time

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eh, depends on the brand imo. i think its a generalisation to treat catwalk shit and wearable shit as completely separate categories. it does a disservice to the ways different designers treat their runway.

besides that, the pageantry can be pretty inspiring in its own right. i keep coming back to every comme des garcons womenswear show from the past 4 years, for example, and the climax of mcqueen ss99 (

kool fashion reads scraped from my bookmarks.

NYTimes profile of youth rebellion champion turned dior showrunner [Raf Simons] ( If you’re unfamiliar with Raf’s work, this tumblr is a neat archive sorted by season. 01-06 is a good run in my opinion.

Judith Thurman’s profile of Comme des Garcons’ Rei Kawakubo @ The New Yorker you can see footage of the debut CdG show here and here’s an archival piece on its reception. If you’re interested in how people read them- i.e. thru the idea of wabisabi as japanese aesthetic- you can read worse than Junichirco Tanizaki’s In Praise of Shadows

Interview with Jan-Jan van Essche. Touches on philosophies of dressing, good stuff.

New Yorker profile of goth streetwear king Rick Owens. If you’re unfamiliar with his work, here’s his Autumn/ Winter 2012-13 womenswear collection and video of Spring/ Summer 2014, probably one of the most memorable spectacles of the last few years.

I think those two Rick collections are a good note to leave on, because it’s difficult to talk about the Rick SS14 show without raising the question of fashon and race. Imma hunt down stuff on that later.


Cool thread. Unforunately summer in texas approaches and now I am enough of an adult I just want to be comfortable. So it is v-neck solid color shirts and shorts

I will care more about being a living anime character when I get back to Tokyo.

At least I can buy cheap chinese eyeglasses.

Shorts are fine as long as they aren’t…


shorts are never fine

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Shorts are fine as long as hey’re tiny and show off your bum.



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Could be half the size.

But also important to show of junk yes too gp.