Elden Ring 2

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I’m thinking about playing Elden Ring today


thinking about reading the Elden Ring thread

but I’m not yet ready


i just killed morgott and unlocked the next big chunk of the game. i’ve mostly? finished my character questlines and previous unfinished areas. there’s a few that supposedly got updated (nepheli…) that aren’t progressing still, so i figure i’ll revisit them on NG+ when i’m just hitting the major stuff

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retitle this thread elden ring 2 so people can get really confused in a few years


that thread can just be called Elden Ring: Part II

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Eldener Ringer

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Eldest Ring

Or Horizon Forbidden West post-release thread

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Love it.

the game pulls off vibrant red and gold hues so well, i really hate how much of the early game is this gross slimy riverbed green and amber palette.

not gonna lie, even stormveil was mostly a turn-off for me for this reason. i’m glad they give you the option to basically run straight to godrick


How the ingame map expands is so cool. Its such a small thing but it really makes me excited to see how far out it goes. This is starting to click with me a lot more.


Incredible comedic timing with this patch


Elden Rang


Just did my sweep in the plateau. It was rather ridiculously easy with the Dark Moon. Where do you people think I should go next? Capital or the mountain?

Btw @shnozlak those are some very beautiful horns. Used them myself for the longest time but then I found something that suited my taste even better.

I would be happy to see more fashion souls around here cause I am that kind of vain person.

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Wrapping up crumbling farum azula—what a cool area! Also very dense and classic Soulsy. Not sure at this point if I’ll finish haligtree as it was going well but then I got stuck on a bridge with two casters who do insane damage but take like no damage. I can melt a dragon at this point but not just like… a guy

Edit: I think in general the problem with int builds in this game is you just have no versatility—melee builds have lots of stat scaling weapon options for different damage types, incantations cover a huge range of damage types, but both int scaling weapons and all sorceries do a single uniform type of damage, so if you hit an enemy who’s strong against that it’s like… whelp, I guess you have nothing

my friend keeps calling this game boomer hoop and it amuses me


It wouldn’t be the first time FromSoft made these games terribly biased magic users.

Can remember DS1 and DeS. Count even defeat Syth with the moonlight. But DeS both faith and int attacks counted as “magic” so I guess it is a bit understandable why magic was so biased (defeat Phalanx, get into world 5, run like hell to the magic curved sword, and don’t have a problem with damage output for a good time).

I mean, I suppose in this case it does give magic its own flavour—it is quite strong damage output-wise, so it makes sense for it to have some weaknesses. Unfortunately they mostly mean I’m always either melting enemies or struggling to do chip damage haha

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