Elden Ring (Part 1)

From Software

Hidetaka Miyazaki and Gerorge R. R. Martin

Xbox One, PS4, and PC


And so I will suppose that inner Miyazaki crew looked at the impact of The Witcher 3 said maybe we can get ourselves an actual fantasy novelist… well what about…

Really not looking forward to someone who is much worse at writing than FromSoft taking over writing from FromSoft.

In this case I hope it’s more of ‘concepts suggested by’ than an actual collaboration.


My god.

Is this the first sign that the next generation will be just like the PS2 era?


Now we just need a new Evergrace.


George Martin is busy as shit. The dude has so many projects going on, its insane.

I imagine this is probably an idea he had somewhat fleshed out in an outline and a partial manuscript. And then he met with Miyazaki and they brainstormed ideas in a game context.

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I’m sure it’ll print money but it seems like
the two of them will intersect at the least interesting point possible


I said this previously but it seems to me like From Software may have needed some new inspiration for lore. As Dark Souls 3 was pretty safe and Sekiro is obviously from the same family tree as Tenchu/Souls/etc.

Miyazaki is probably a fan of Martin. Martin is hot right now. And he’s really good at world building. Maybe even has a few interesting ideas specific to gaming.

dark souls with fucking


Westeros is a patchwork of more interesting fantasy writers worldbuilding. I would call it ‘functional’ at best, extremely dull and derivative at worst.

I am interested in this because it’s still From, and from made freaking Bloodborne, a better pastiche of ideas than Martin’s ever done, and if anyone can twist Martin’s worldbuilding into something interesting through design it’s probably them.

I just do not see what Martin could possibly add to this project.


I thought about this and mostly agree, in that I would not like him writing dialogue. I’ve never read anything by him only having a trace idea from GoT’s episodes, but there’s at least widely attractive qualities in his writing chops that garner some respect - toward detail, character relations, scope, history. This isn’t a defense of his writing ability, more saying (hoping) they may have wanted the structure, layout, and breadth of world in a certain respect - which we don’t know yet.

Oh seeing above post now. Yeah I think if they are making an open/large world scaled game, they may want more political intrigue and military faction based influence. I think it’s perfectly possible they go for something compromised with popular fantasy appeal and maintain other strengths of design.

But I’m not going to delude myself if this looks really diluted!

I like Martin from what I’ve seen of the first five seasons of GoT, when he was actually involved. That was cool stuff and he managed to do away with many TV tropes. Plot armor and such. (things like characters that were ugly in the book all being good looking in the show was not so cool but anyway…) If he can do away with some videogame tropes or bring in a breath of fresh air I’m all for it.

I also think he’s got way too much to do to be really involved heavily in this, so I’m sceptical. I like his world building and characters though

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I agree. I’ve listened to some interviews with him and he seems pretty handy at that stuff. It also seems like he comes up with ideas quite often. Which is why I said this is probably something he’s had partially developed for awhile and decided to offer it, when approached to consult on a game.

Make From Weird Again


FromHere I want them to be weirder
FromThere I think they want to take themselves wider

Where’s my fucking King’s Field II reboot/remake you cowards


yeah I’d almost rather see this collaboration happen with like, EA, who have some real engine-building talent (and a better feel for action than ubisoft) and the money to realize whatever they want but aren’t exactly throwing away any in-house writing or directing strengths by springing for it

Railroad, can he write gags? Because Sekiro was dry as fuck

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I always call him “railroad” to my wife and she always calls me a jackass, thank you for that

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I can’t think of a single thing in recent years by EA even with resources, that would ever make me evaluate that’d be a better case then this

I also don’t know if I’ve played anything EA representative of that either though