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It is, indeed, a duck blur.

Now that you mention it, vaguely makes me wonder if, on some level…

Because, I mean…


So. I know there was a time stopwatch episode in the original show. Don Rosa also had a tremendously good comic story based on the same premise (and presumably the same source material, The Girl, The Gold Watch & Everything).

Just as they seem to always go back to the source material as well as look at the adaptations, it seems like the new episode borrows some of the visual cues from the original movie.

As far as Duck precedents, this episode seems to draw from both (they refer to the watch as a “time teaser,” which was the name of the 1987 episode), but particularly the comic.

Here’s Rosa’s version, “On Stolen Time.”

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the della stuff is handled so well. like it’s emotionally rich but in a way that kids can easily grok, really great.

the powerline sing along has me wondering the exact level of canonicity of a goofy movie


Well, Spoonerville does exist in this continuity…


“What the Cribbins is this mess,” says David Tennant.



there’s also the recurring background extra who is basically just roxanne


By way of Olivia Colman, perhaps


Today’s episode is very fun and cute and I’m looking forward to seeing all six kids on an adventure together


was neat to see modern versions of the universal solvent and gandra dee. really like how they are basically just as in love with the original show as duck comics. jameela jamil’s american accent is surprisingly good. this cast being so huge really leads to a lot of interesting configurations. wonder how long della will be around or if she’s a more permanent fixture


the fact that the original darkwing duck show had about five origin stories and this new episode was yet another origin is kind of an amazingly masterful piece of metafiction. chris diamantopoulos again showing off his impossibly good range. him and ketih ferguson and eric bauza could functionally voice an entire cast on their own hanna barbera style.

the whole real life jim cummings situation sure does suck fucking shit

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Oh hell. I… was unaware of these happenings until Google just now. Yeah, this is… hm. This affects one’s perception of a lot of things, huh.

I’m confused, because Wikipedia lists them both as Darkwing’s VA here. What’s the story with that?


there are two darkwings in the episode and cummings plays the original

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Okay, yeah, life imitating art here, kinda, with the above in mind.

Absolutely, Mickey Mouse here does a great job as Drake Mallard. Which is just… interesting, what they’ve done here, sideways introducing the character for-real into the narrative. As well as Negaduck, of whom I thought constantly during that fight sequence, figuring maybe that’s how they’d salvage the movie if they did so.

Masterful metafiction, yes. I’m impressed with how they handled all of this.


Been really iffy about this season - a lot of the jokes just aren’t landing for me. I have enjoyed the Della Duck stuff a lot, and young Donald was great, I just don’t think I like the core dynamic of the boys that much. The voice actors are all great, I just wish the interaction was funnier or more interesting. I might just be spoiled by the perfect brotherly banter from Rise of the TMNT.

That said, I really, really loved this sleepover one with Webby, Lena, and Violet (who, as a new character, I adore). Just was everything I enjoy about this show in one package - weird, consistent mythology arc, leans into the character development of Webby, cool fucked-up monster, commits to the emotional beats… it has a similar feeling to Gravity Falls at its best. The Webby and Scooge sides of this show really do it for me.

I also caught the Darkwing Duck reboot one, which I didn’t expect to like but was utterly charmed by. It’s wild to me how fucking good Jim Cummings is, he makes everything better. I also liked the new character a ton, for reasons I honestly don’t know yet.


Right? Whenever Lena turns up, it basically becomes a different show entirely—a better one. I don’t know if this thread is the darling of one particular person on the production team or what, but the energy is so different here. Everything feels like it clicks when it gets on this track.

That is, also, so far the only episode they’ve aired out-of-order this season. It was supposed to go at the start of this block, between “Whatever Happened to Della Duck?!” and “The Outlaw Scrooge McDuck!”—which again, as with season one, would have helped the pacing a bit, considering these episodes feel like the real substance of the show.


Dewey was definitely doing goofy’s “perfect cast” dance but i can’t place the music i feel like i’ve heard it on some disney end credits before. might just be stock music

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they’re doing it all


adult kit and molly is wild