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The name “Duke Baloney” is a reference to the Carl Barks comic “Turkey with All the Schemings” (Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #148) in which Donald has a doppelgänger named the Duke of Baloni, a Mediterranean duke who is the second richest duck in the world (this story was written before Barks created Glomgold).

This reference is the dorkiest thing in the world. I love it.

I don’t even remember this story.


I keep going back to this scene. This show has been up and down, but goddamn. The last part of this one episode is frickin’ legendary at this point, just a couple of months later. Like, if I’d seen this as a kid, it would have stuck like a thorn in my brain and I’d never forget it.

I’m not at an emotionally stable place lately, and the catharsis here is shocking.


They did.


they’re bringing back russi taylor to voice young donald who looks amazing lol


I had to look her up to make sure, but all the time thinking, is that… it must be, right? The 1987 nephew voice?

Yeah, that seems an apt look for him. 1990s version of the soda fountain slacker of the comic book Donald.


Young Donald calling Della “Dumbella”, Russi Taylor saying Quack-A-Roonie, Bankjob/Babyface/Bugle, those Mickey’s Christmas Carol end credits, what a super fun episode!

I liked how Beakley was just straight up into Future/Death. Appreciated how the kids clocked Dewey as a time traveller and Scrooge’s casualness at seeing himself in the past/future. I love all the weird “experienced adventurer” gags. Shame the TV version cut off the nice little Peanuts-ish downbeat Jazzy song in the end credits there.


I was like, “Is Future/Death an anime I never heard of… ?”


There’s a… Duckian Weezer poster.

So is this a hint we’re going to see a Plain Awful storyline, or just another cameo tease?

Seemed awfully detailed for a fleeting reference.

(Scrooge even uses the NES pogo attack.)


also some bird version of nirvana and the ramones



i rewatched a lil of the og series when this one first premiered and my favorite thing was the nephews. i just found them saying all these super-earnest lines in the same exact baby donald duck voice (unintentionally) hilarious


I love the little story the background tells. He tries to use masking tape to hold up the posters but obviously that doesn’t work too well. So to keep the damned things up he tried to drive in some nails, with the typical Donald panache.