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It’s starts properly tomorrow morning before we are subject to the whims of Disney Scheduling

Two new eps air tommorow on TV or in a couple hours (midnight) on the Disney XD app

Here is the first episode which aired about a month ago


It’s really fun!

You can talk about it here if you like!


I hated Magica De Spell as a child because she reminded me of the movie The Witches, one of the most terrifying movies of all time.

Also, wow, that is not the art style I was expecting. And the green one sounds like one of the Ninja Turtles.


This is one of my all-time favorite cartoons. I think it came out before the first episode of DuckTales. Also, I think that I was in high school when I last watched it.


Sport Goofy was too good for this world


And yeah, the DuckTales version of Magica is a weird interpretation. In the comics she was written as a lithe Italian seductress. In the cartoon she’s a croaking eastern European hag.

Basically all of the villains got a weird treatment. Considering the political situation in 1987, I can see why they might have moved Glomgold out of South Africa, but, uh.


That’s interesting that this uses the lady who does the 1987 nephew voices. I thought those junior Duck voices were an innovation for that cartoon.

I guess this must be from before Mickey’s Christmas Carol as well, considering Scrooge’s voice.


Man these two today were really neat.

I guess maybe they’re separated into standalones/mythology episodes x-files style?

Episode 3 again had so many deep Duck comics refs between all the fictional countries, the entire archive, and Gyro’s inventions. Gyro as…uh…an asshole is an interesting choice. Not really sure it’s worth it comedically or dramatically yet but I guess based on the last scene there is potential for both once Fenton shows up.

I also kind of appreciate that it’s able to be snarky but still not afraid of sincerity in general. It’s a good mix!


So basically Ma Beagle is now Ma Fratelli? I guess it works. Actually, I prefer this wilder take to the 1987 interpretation, which always bugged me. These Beagles seem more potentially dangerous.

And Little Helper/Li’l Bulb is the impetus for Gizmoduck? Sure.

Blatherin’ blatherskite, it’s Pep!

First glimpse of the librarian, I asked my daughter, is that Emily Quackfaster?

And, yep. Glad to see she made it in.

The dog-face girl from Donald’s interview, is she going to cameo once per 25 minutes?


Genuine question: are Gyro’s notecards a Doctor (Ducktor?) Who reference?


Oh. Lin-Manuel whoever, the Maury Had a Little Lamb guy, is Fenton now? Who is now correspondingly Latin?


I’m also really curious where they go with Gladstone, given that he’s positioned as a recurring character. He was only in DuckTales twice, I think, and neither time used very well or depicted all that closely to his comic version.

I mean. We get a couple frames of him here, looks like.


Oh fuck. Doofus exists in this timeline.

I trust they’ll do something different with him, however.




Lena seemed kinda like a generic dyed hair sassy tough girl from like a cg kids movie and the tone of the episode was actually…Quack Packish(?), but I honestly can’t really be mad at an episode that is basically a baby version of The Warriors. That ending was unexpected, though. I know the show has just barely started, but it’s already got me wondering what the scope of the finale is gonna be!


Thought they were really going to go in a different direction with the Terra Firmians but it was neat to see in the end they were pretty similar even if we didn’t spend a lot of time with them. I kinda like Lena as like a direct inciting force for adventures as opposed to a Jonny Quest style “the kids tag along” although it is also sort of…obnoxious. Also Huey is really going full Gravity Falls with the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook (this actually was a lot like the Gnomes from GF honestly). Two in a row where Scrooge is not even a factor is weird though. I’m thinking back to the original show about how many episodes were not really about treasure hunting but the kids getting into weird hijinks. Interesting to have Catherine Tate as Magica on a show with David Tenant like a little mini Doctor Who reunion of sorts.


That’s because Disney XD has been messing with the airing order, they’re not showing this in the intended way at all. Basically they frontloaded the Webby/Lena episodes and all the Scrooge episodes are coming later, but it should have been a lot more organic. Last week’s episode 4 was supposed to be episode 5 and this episode 5 is supposed to be episode 9.


Wonder if they did a Gladstone/Donald ep for Friday the 13th on purpose? Paul F. Tompkins is easily the best cast character considering half the characters he plays are almost Gladstone anyway. I think outside of the funny pseudo-metafictional golden cricket/launchpad adventures this episode is tonally the closest to a straightfoward Duck Comic Adventure they’ve come so far.


Yeah, I’m happy with how they’re handling Gladstone. I’m really glad that Donald’s presence makes Gladstone a relevant character, and I like that they’ve leapt on the potential so soon.

The whole Magica shadow long game plot thing is interesting. One wonders if it has to do with that other ongoing plot thread, or if it’s a separate story.


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That’s one of my favorites, actually. That universal solvent story. It’s also kind of terrifying, conceptually.


Well now Webby/Lena is the only thing I care about, and I’m stranded on an endless sea of backlogged episodes not about Webby and Lena.