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I’m most of the way through the first season, finally, and am looking forward to being part of the keeping-up-with-DuckTales gang. I like the show but I don’t really entirely love it.

It has some really great episodes and moments. I’m actually pretty into what’s going on with Magica and Lena.

One of my big issues is that I feel like I don’t have a great read on who Scrooge is in this series. He’s been absent from a lot of episodes and even when he’s there he seems somehow inconsistently characterized, or just thinly realized.

Scrooge’s competition with billionaires seems off somehow. Was Glomgold always this inept? (Did he so frequently resort to outright murder attempts in previous incarnations? It’s been a while since I watched DuckTales 87 and can’t really remember his characterization in the few Barks and Rosa I’ve read.) Mark Beaks… isn’t great, and just doesn’t land as a great rival for Scrooge? At least not yet.

There’s something off to me about the constant near-death experiences characters undergo with absolutely no recognition that that’s what’s happening. This much danger with weak or no senses of peril feels tonally off, making it hard to feel the thrills of adventure action when there are stakes communicated either in the narrative style or the characters’ reactions. It’s not always like this–the Lena/Webby one where they outrun the Beagle Boys’ Warriors clans, the hourlong premiere, and the “only kid” premise I watched last night were a bit better about this.

But it’s charming. I do like it. I feel like I’m still fighting to meet the show at its level a bit and still negotiating between old versions of characters and the new ones (mostly struggling here with Scrooge himself, Glomgold, and Launchpad–I really like what they’ve done with Fenton (even though he’s really, really different and barely the same character), the nephews, and Webby).

Btw, do kids like this show?

Hi, SB DuckTales thread. I’m not caught up with DuckTales but I have thoughts and no one else in my life right now cares about what I think about Disney duck shows.


Oh, I’m also really baffled by the repurposing of Doofus as they have here. Nothing about him is the same, so why keep him with his unfortunate name at all?


Oh, Glomgold is outright murderous in the original comics. He only appears in three Barks stories, but becomes more savage with each one. He’s not a comedy character by any means. A line that I always associate with the character:


Must be because he repeats it.


The billionaire competition thing is more of a European comic angle, a dynamic spun out of a single Barks comic about a candy-striped Ruby, which uses a sort of rich fellas society as a story device to get Scrooge out the door. But then it became this thing, in Europe. I dunno.


Thanks for the insight! I want to do a deeper dive on Barks’s comics and the duck stories in general at some point.

I guess I don’t have a problem with Glomgold being so murderous, but I still find his portrayal as a pathetic second-banana slapstick fuckup in Neo DuckTales is awkward.


Yeah, I don’t know what to make of that interpretation. I don’t understand why, mostly. If I could get a read on the purpose, I might be fine with it. As it is, it just puzzles me. I do like how they’re handling the Beagles and Magica, though.

Scrooge does suffer from not being in the show for long stretches of the first season. I guess maybe Tennant’s availability was limited? Then he suffers more from the network’s randomization of the running order, which as originally planned does space things out a little better.


This is the characterization that Rosa continued on, incidentally, when he picked up the Barks baton.

Speaking of Rosa, this seems pretty close to the character they’re going with in the show. Closer than the Scrooge from 1987 DuckTales, anyway.



I think it’s fair to say I like almost everything about DuckTales 2017 (a few weird interpretations aside, as above) except for the actual storytelling, most of the time. There are good episodes, but yes, the sense of peril is rarely there. There’s little sense of adventure, or threat, or anything really mattering all that much until, suddenly and in the moment, it does. It’d be great if it could find a balance between having comedic episodes (and a light touch during dramatic episodes) and taking serious things seriously.


Btw, Duckworth as eternally loyal ghost butler is crazy fucked up.


I guess it’s a complicated relationship?


Wow, today’s ep is a trip. Glomgold turns out to be a combination of Ducktales 87 Glomgold and comics Glomgold in that he is actually South African but he created a Scottish persona just to be more Scottish than Scrooge lol. Keith Ferguson is very amusing at doing both somewhat dodgy accents. He’s a great voice actor

Really fun David Lynch For Kids dream sequence in the middle, too

Although it does remind me of the original Ducktales ep when Scrooge lost his memory and had an American accent. Makes me think he was faking it too hahaha


speaking of accents i guess next week is the first time an actual Brazilian actor has played José Carioca since the original


Wee golly whiz, including that scene from the 1987 intro.

And taking into account the whacked-out chronology we’re working with since the Goldie episode.

Well, I’m glad they seem to be finding something to do with the character. Gee, this thread gets quick results!

I can see why they avoided the South Africa thing in 1987, because of, uh…


Episodes with strong A-B plot structure (like “The Other Bin of Scrooge McDuck!”) sometimes feel like they would be better served by splitting the plot threads into their own 12-minute Adventure Time-esque shorts.


The Glomgold thing in the recent episode – yeah. I guess it does have a strange symmetry with the comic origin, even though every single detail is different, including the character’s portrayal?

In the Barks comics we only meet him the three times, and he gets increasingly savage with each appearance. The first time, he’s only a slightly nastier mirror of Scrooge. Then he gets increasingly competitive and strange and downright twisted.

Rosa builds on the relationship, and reveals that Scrooge… kind of accidentally set him down this path, when they were both young men. Scrooge never even gave the young Boer a chance to tell him his name…


… and after a complicated misadventure left him thoroughly pissed off at Scrooge. By the time they meet again, decades later, Scrooge has no memory of Glomgold – but Glomgold sure remembers him.

The show’s version of course works in the shifted (or in Scrooge’s case bizarrely not-shifted?) timeline, which allows for heightening the symmetry between them by warping the Burt the Ditch Digger story.


EDIT: Reading this again, my memory is off. Glomgold’s clearly a rotter from panel one. But Scrooge still leaves his mark on the fella.


And though he may not realize it, uh, likewise?



i kinda prefer the three caballeros characterization on their recent show but this was a very fun episode. very much a classic sitcom kind of plot and it has the exact kind of ending you would want. was nice how donald’s outfit temporary went back to classic blue for the musical number. neat little references to all the original caballeros cartoons too


I’ve never been hugely into these guys, but this was a pretty good use of them. The hackneyed deception plot is… like, I mentally tuned out until that started to fall apart. I don’t deal well with story templates like this, especially played more or less straight, as this does. But they made the characters fit the show, which I was unconvinced they would. So, hey!


Storkules in Duckburg was a lot of fun. It was maybe the most Ducktales '87 feeling ep out of all of the current show. And it turns out when you combine that old goofy but solid 80s story structure with more modern jokes it really works for me, like just plain funnier than usual. The Ghostbusters parody also worked much better for me than the “The Warriors” parody.

You know Chris Diamantopoulos is honestly kind of an amazing chameleon of a talent. His Storkules voice is nothing like his Mickey Mouse voice is nothing like his Moe in the three stooges movie which is nothing like Russ Hanneman in Silicon Valley. Like it’s one thing to be fooled by a good voice actor but I literally see this dude in tons of different live action roles and don’t recognize him lol

Was I supposed to recognize that rooster(?) with the “Q” shirt on? It feels like he is from some other Disney movie or show that I’ve forgotten EDIT: Oh yeah they are from this show the Ottoman Empire dude lol


What a peculiar premise for a Ghostbusters pastiche. But, okay!




Yeah, that’s good.

Going by the clips I’ve seen, the episode itself is also kind of hilarious in that it only very technically isn’t in continuity with Mickey’s Christmas Carol.