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Watched the Only Child one… and yeah. I just don’t love the nephews.

Which is weird, because I love the three voice actors that do them, it’s just, we’re almost done with season 1 and I still can’t remember who has what personality quirk. Is Louie supposed to be the lazy one or something? Are both Huey and Dewey equally as brash and selfish? I guess!

I did enjoy Louie’s talk show though. That was p. cute.

Man, looking at the titles of the remaining three episodes, the chances of another Lena-focused ep are getting less and less likely.


to me

louie is fundamentally lazy, greedy and hedonistic, a fast talking scammer and pleasure seeker

huey is a nerdy, uptight, rules following, logical, go-getter

i think the reason that they all blur together is that dewey’s personality traits as defined so far (being an outgoing weirdo, thrill seeking, wanting to be a scrooge style adventurer) have too much overlap with the other three kids


Dewey is concerned with standing out. It’s a middle child thing. He’s not the responsible old one; he’s not the coddled young one. He’s the one that completes the set. So, he’s in constant search for self-definition.

Which in turn can… make him harder to define?


A little behind. Been concerned with… like, surviving.

The depiction of Doofus here reminds me a bit of Cyril.


I’ll still take it over his 1987 portrayal.


Man that Gizmoduck ep was a mess. It was like the start of six plot threads jammed together with no middle to any of em.

Really love Fenton, though, and I’m glad they’re fleshing out his family a bit more. Had no idea that was Lin-Manuel Miranda voicing him, either. Awesome.

Next week’s looks to be Lena/Webby-centric ep so I am fuggin’ A M P E D


This looks pretty promising, though.

And I guess next season we’re scraping the weird European comic scene with Cousin Feathry and John D Rockerduck. And then, uh, Bubba. And the Three Caballeros again?


The Barksian Modulator.


ha! that really is closer to how one would imagine comics donald where you can read every word perfectly tbh


Hound of the Whiskervilles from the comics/Curse of Castle McDuck from the original show is one of my favorite stories so today’s Duck Lore heavy episode was exactly right up my alley.

Glad that everyone’s on the same page about Della now and it looks like next week is gonna take another big step in that plot so that’s nice. Was kind of genuinely emotionally affecting to see Louie so sad and in shock even if it was just for a moment.

Appreciate the boys laughing at the name “Dirty Dingus” lol. Launchpad’s Donald impression actually working when he threw a tantrum was kind of amazing hahaha.


Goddamn that was heavy.

Scrooge ending up in the classic miserable alone in his chair scene he’s usually introduced in.

That’s an interesting fate for Della, reminds me of Disney’s old concept for a Horace Horsecollar show which explained why he was “gone” for so long. Seems like they used a version of the plot from a Dutch comic where she was also lost in space.

I feel like I wish the clues were more clueful as opposed to it eventually coming down to just asking Scrooge but I guess I sort of had the same complaint about Gravity Falls and this is by a lot of the same people. I really do like the heaviness of the emotions we’ve gotten the last few episodes but I feel like the pathos and drama could have been more evenly spread out among the more jokey episodes?

I know they are building these emotional stakes for the big showdown with Magica next week, but it still felt kind of weird to just have possessed Lena walking around for some indeterminate amount of time. I guess that’s my biggest complaint about the show. Just weird pacing in general. Although part of that, of course, is the episode order.

Funny to just have Duckworth walk out with everyone else for some weird reason, lol.


I understand all the writers were required to own a copy of Rosa’s Life and Times, and it’s never showed more than here. Emotionally, this is so close to the penultimate chapter of that.

The pacing is really screwy. Even the right episode sequence doesn’t mask some of the strange tonal balance and judgment along the way. But, when it hits it really hits. Maybe season 1 was a learning experience? It’s been renewed for a while to come, so I guess time will tell.


that was extremely good. what a solid payoff

pissed off webby is actually a pretty terrifying force to be reckoned with. she really held her own.

everything between lena and magica was creepy and genuinely terrifying and affecting stuff. really well done.

don cheadle as donald was amazing

that one second of gladstone was pretty funny

speaking of which considering that Della is played by Paget Brewster I hope she and Paul F. Tompkins get some screen time together cause they have done great stuff together in the past.

i know it’s a kids show but just letting magic go felt kinda wild even if she was technically powerless

Almost embarrassed at how excited was to hear the NES moon theme lol


Man. Moon theme, yeah.

Crazy thing is, Magica at the very end, desperately scampering away from a failed smokescreen – that’s actually closer to her book depiction than anything I’ve seen in an adaptation.

Something about this feels over-egged, in that same way much of the season has been a little off, but I like what they were trying to do here. Like, they’ve got all the right elements in this show. They’re just balanced really strangely.

I think my favorite episode was the Terry-Fermie one. It had about the best balance of action, comedy, character drama, story development, and reverence, and came at about the right point in the season.




They glossed over it a bit, but… kinda? Kinda she never really existed? Kinda she’s living on in Webby’s shadow now? I’m not totally sure what they did with her character. It seems like they had, like, three conflicting ideas about her going on at once and then didn’t choose to strip it down and provide one clear narrative.

It’s a mess, but like many weird things in this season it’s reasonable to think it could be cleared up with a careful explanation later on.


I did really like the twist with her, that she’s always only ever been a shadow of Magica. I hope they don’t lose that aspect of her if they bring her back.


New season started today! That was a really fun kind of character building ep for Louie if not sort of extremely busy. I guess that’s the trade-off for actually using the whole cast. Really sharp way of more specifically defining all the boys honestly. Plus I’m always a sucker for Louie With Pathos™.

Also Magica in the title now neat.


wow today was probably the most straightforward adventure adventure they’ve done maybe? like in the vain of something out of boy’s life? extremely stripped down with just 2 kids and Fethry. not even an antagonist or treasure to find. just ducks against the elements. really almost felt like a comedy episode of jonny quest or something. kind of expected fethry to have more of a beatnik voice but i guess tom kenny doing like a 45 degrees off ice king also fits the character. launchpad’s offscreen adventures are a good runner lol


Fethry? Lawd. I’ve never gotten a grip on his character. Doesn’t help that he’s uniquely a European phenomenon, and the European Duck writers are… uh, often not… good?

Curious to see how he’s handled here.

You touch on something I’m not sure if I’ve groused about: that since the pilot the show basically has done no straight-laced, serious adventure stories. The closest we get in tone is the Terrie-Fermie business, which remains my favorite episode to date.


Okay, I still don’t quite get the “why?” behind Fethry, but he’s far less Jerry Lewis here than in the comics. He’s… just there, as opposed to actively making me want to do something else.

  • The environment here is really neat.
  • Launchpad with his random untold adventure paramours.
  • I love the attention to detail on the sea life. Blobfish. That super-detailed octopus.

This is a really good one. Monster Sea Monkeys and all. It may feel the closest the show has come to DuckTales 1987, so far.