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i know he’s coming to the show later but there’s a little darkwing duck reference in one of the ducktales picture books


Just watched the golf episode, love that they got Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy’s voices for the kelpies.


oh hey this trailer has don karnage and the sea bird from talespin


The Spear of Selene was very cute and funny! Storkules as the most impossibly Lawful Good character was fantastic. It was nice to get a tiny little bit more about Della. Looking forward to Gizmo Duck next week (or whenever I guess)


re:Beware the BUDDY System

That was kind of a weird choice to have Darkwing Duck be a fictional superhero action show but it was really neat to see him and those villains back in action and there was just enough detail where they’re obviously setting up another ep with him in the future.

Gizmo Duck was about exactly Gizmo Duck. I think I’m still getting used to this show’s style of having about any configuration of characters, like it felt weird that the only kid the whole time was Louie but I mean Fenton and Scrooge and Mark and Launchpad are plenty of characters? The plot reminded me of Knight Rider vs KARR, but in a good way, lol.


I think an issue is, Launchpad was the big original link with DuckTales; he served as DW’s sidekick. (Actually, his 2017 characterization is closer to DW Launchpad.) They’re probably not gonna shift him off to St. Canard and away from the Duck family, so having DW as a permanent real thing means rethinking that dynamic a bit. Having him as a fan of a fictional DW retains some of his connection without rededicating his character. And it also serves as thematic setup for this time being Fenton’s… not confidant exactly, but in 1987 DT only Scrooge knew GD’s identity. Basically, this conflates a few things, making GD the DW of 2017 DT – in a way that doesn’t require Launchpad to change that much or go anywhere.


Still a curious decision, though.


Darkwing Duck is fictional in this universe, but it looks like Tailspin is real? That’s kind of weird.

Not to say I dislike the idea of Tailspin being a thing in the duck universe. I mean, well, look at my avatar.


Today’s episode “JAW$” was fun

I do wish the Magica/Lena stuff moved a little faster and more forward in general, but that’s more of an issue of the show’s release schedule than actual pacing.


Yeah, the Megica/Lena storyline is the central thing I like about this show. Both of those characters with Webby are way more entertaining than the nephews.

That storyline is crawling, though.


Allison Janey as Goldie tomorrow


Is it just me or is she doing an incredibly spot on Lwxana Troi voice here? Which is excellent.


oh man that was the straight up carl barksiest episode. great stuff

lots of real fun refs to duck comics and the 80s cartoon

also i love that they confirmed that yes scrooge and goldie both were literally alive in the gold rush and are over a hundred years old and just kind of casually threw out multiple magical explanations for their semi-immortality

loved it


Haha wow. I was wondering how they’d deal with the time period.

It does raise questions of Hortense, Matilda, Quackmore, Donald, and Della, though.

Like. If Scrooge is as old as he should be, is Donald still his nephew? Like, directly? If so, how old is Donald? Was he born in, like, 1983 or in 1920-something?


Okay. Knowing what we do about the show’s production and cast, and prior creative decisions, how much of Goldie 2017 can we attribute to River Song?


there’s weirdly another duck comics adjacent serialized adventure show currently running

donald inherits the estate of clinton coot and gets caught up in a mystical globetrotting adventure

april, may, and june even show up

it hasn’t aired on us tv but the episodes are all in english so that’s out there


Today’s episode was kind of all over the place but I did really like how genuinely Dewey’s little talk show felt like it was actually made by a kid, hahaha. This was an extraordinarily weird take on Doofus Drake but John Gemberling is perfect modern casting for a character who is essentially Francis from Pee Wee’s big adventure.

Also the next episode seems to (very slightly) involve the Gummi Bears



Clinton Coot? Jehosaphat. I think Rosa did something slight with the Three Caballeros once?


RE: today’s ep

Progressing Scrooge and Webby’s relationship was actually very nice! Again it’s pretty nice that she’s done a complete 180 from the '80s show making her a crybaby who was always in the way until the last minute.

I guess SHUSH and FOWL being “real” if Darkwing Duck is “fake” means Darkwing is like a show about the CIA vs the KGB or something? I guess I figured SHUSH was more secret than that?

Professor Von Drake!

The secret weapon of mass destruction being literally Gummi Berry Juice is…amazing.

Neat to see little details like Scrooge’s love of nutmeg tea being brought in. There was a whole comic about how his nutmeg tea supply got cut off and he couldn’t even focus on his business or count his money.


this kinda just sounds like Riverdale from this post