I still have the poster that came with Ultimate Doom as well. It’s beat up and has creases from being folded up in a box for a decade but a few years ago I brought it out and pinned it up on my wall. It’s been a regular fixture since.


what’s the best way to play doom 64, guys


I used Project64 for Windows and it worked perfectly.

Though Tulpa is probably right on with Doom64EX (I didn’t know this was a thing!).



what’s your Critical Reflection of Doom 64, tulps


I’m not Tulpa, but I played some of it. I didn’t like it as much as the DOS Dooms. Early on there’s a Zelda-ish keycard puzzle and that really put me off the game. It has a lot less occult and Satanic imagery, and the ambient soundtrack is boring compared to the MIDI metal. The new sprites and sound effects for everything are great though. I’m not as much of a Doomhead as other SBers but something cool Doom 64 has that other Dooms don’t is colored lighting.


aw man I love the nightmare soundscape and atmosphere that doom64 has.
I seem to recall the ps1 and Saturn versions having colored lighting as well, but those are just ports of the regular doom. you can extract .WAD files from both of them that work with ZDoom though


technically, Boom-based source ports support colored lighting.



John Romero’s about to make you barf.


it’s great. Inventive level design that stands apart from doom style, instead focusing on claustrophobic recursive paths through dense areas. It was one of the first wads with true 3d level layouts (this apparently required a LOT of hacking) It’s got a fairly well crafted build up to occultism/satanic imagery. With much of the first part just being pure sci-fi shooter and some dramatic (at least as dramatic as things get when all you have to work with is level design) changes in tone about a third of the way through.


i love Doom64. The puzzles and mazes are much more demanding. I like it.



I managed to get Quake Injector working, so hit me with your map pack recommendations for Quake.

@GlamGrimfire, if you’re still looking for more WADs to check out, try Vanguard, and Alien Vendetta if you haven’t already.


ironically, though quake injector is good stuff for trying a lot of un-collected maps, the best starting place remains Undergate

which collects many of the best regarded custom quake maps into a single folder with a built in in-game launcher.

The larger mods worth playing are travail, and Zerstorer


Off the top of my head, Beyond Belief, Prodigy. Also Ikka Keränen’s IKSPQ stuff, though never released as single pack, are made so that one lead to the next and even has a start map available.


whoa, I worked with a guy who worked on this.

Powerslave is very impressive to see running as smooth and fast as it does on the Saturn and it’s decent to boot. Quake is…ehh

He may or may not have bad things to say about Lobotomy’s business acumen!




I find it hard to appreciate those Doom 64 claustrophobic layouts. It just reads as bad level design to me, and I suspect it’s due to technical limitations? What is satisfying about it for you?

I am okay with an occasional warren of tunnels as a particular themed area within a game. I don’t think it’s very good for a whole game to be nothing but.