it amazes me that even going this fast and being that much of a damage sponge it seems like they get hit less than i do in a normal play through on normal


to be fair you’re not seeing the runs where the rng hates them, either

there’s a big difference between being in a field of view of a hitscanner and of a projectile throwing enemy, too. you can kite the latter, but the former is kind of like standing on damage floor when you’re in their sight, with a % chance of them missing. considering there’s a fair bit of windup on all their attacks controlling how much you are visible is really important.




Yo we have a thread



Still can’t believe this actually looks good.



omg please recreate all standard emojis as doomguys


i would emoj’ all the time







At 8 hours 17 minutes this extended version is quite an earful! Includes 8 all new bonus tracks performed in exactly the same style and technique as the original N64 tracks. I have created all new versions of the Main Theme, Finale and Stats Screen music and every level track has been drastically extended and enhanced with new samples as well. This was a major undertaking and it was a thrill to revisit one of the most iconic soundtracks in my career. Sit back, relax and take a trip into a dark and disturbed corner of my imagination.


So this just was released. I’ve played through stage 3 so far and it’s kind of neat, and makes good use of verticality that GZDoom allows but falls flat in various ways as one might expect in attempting to stay somewhat true to 2d platform roots in an FPS. Though probably the most constant annoyance is you have no decent way to gauge your whip’s range.


I have the CD that song is from, lol.

This looks fucking sweet.


Dracula Battle albums are good shit, m’dude.


Final verdict on the CV TC having cleared remains at “it’s pretty neat”. Following up on my earlier thoughts the main issue I find is the level design just isn’t much to speak of FPS wise, but the actual environments often look nice. Axe Knights are absolute bastards to fight straight on, flea men are even more annoying given 3d space to hop around in, and this may be the first CV thing ever where you may really find yourself wanting the dagger for a subweapon at times, the speed and range makes them pretty damned handy when you’ve got some skeletons chucking bones at you from an elevated platform.

Boss fights can vary heavily, like medusa was way nastier than the mummies, and difficulty can vary heavily depending on what subweapon you bring, but that part is true of CV in general. Dracula fight was probably the best one though, if probably one of the easier ones, at least with the cross. And speaking of subweapons it’s is kind of annoying they didn’t stick with one of the solutions CV games have long had for avoiding getting stuck with something you don’t want, either by having a specific candle type signifying weapon drops or just having you drop your current one when you get a new one so you can pick it back up.

EDIT: So apparently they do differentiate weapon candles by making them more orange colored but only at the first two skill levels, upper two don’t and my run was on UV equivalent.