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oh hey. i do. hope y’all enjoy!


I am interested in team True Doom- Murderheads activities


Inspired by Trent Reznor’s soundtrack to the classic 90’s FPS. Fledgling players might find the game easier in coop mode. Toucan play together!


shrug and sykel don’t read this post:

somebody port marathon to the doom engine so it’s actually fun to play


closest I could find


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(The UT port is surprisingly very good, actually, also the marathon 1 engine wasn’t great but the second one was TOPS unless you’re an idiot. You’re not an… idiot, are you parker?)


UT port is basically solid but tries to be true to the beast by not having crosshairs whilst also having the weapons uncentered in the view in Unreal style which makes aiming a bit hard to get a handle on.

Or at least it was a bit hard for me years ago when I played it because the original (but not M2 or infinity) was suddenly making me motion sick.

I wound up sticking a piece of clear tape to the center of my monitor with a dot writ upon it. #LIFEHACKS!!!


people would do that while playing online, IT IS ILLEGAL



I am an idiot. an idiot who keeps hitting escape trying to fine tune the mouse movement from going a million miles an hour, which quits the game instead of just taking me to a menu like a normal person game and then letting me resume. and I get sort of motion sick playing the thing. and it’s so floaty, this planet I’m supposed to be on, is it the size of the moon or what. Is that ut mod just the first game cause I already played that years ago, I’m trying to play 2 and 3 now. I don’t know what any of these consoles I interact with do before I use them. I have no health or ammo gauges. there’s not enough ammo.

I also didn’t bother using retroarch forever cause it immediately quits by hitting escape


Something is wrong, you should have those. Try pressing minus. Also everything else you said is wrong, including you getting motion sickness, you’re imagining that.


there was some water level that took forever for me to figure out I just had to go back to the first console and talk to durandal again to leave. in doom there is usually a clue on how to leave the level:


Hey parker would you like some cheese with your whine

If it’s the level I’m thinking of, the terminal tells you to just go do the thing and then go back. It literally draws a map saying GO HERE THEN BACK HERE

Also this isn’t doom, levels are very open and non-linear, much more so than the first game. MAYBE IT JUST ISN’T FOR YOU.


the starting handgun is at least satisfying to use


the double-barrel shotgun is better than the doom one

there i said it

you can even dual wield them


Seriously though, there is lots of wandering around in Marathon 2 and INF, you have to reference the map a lot to figure out how to get to different places and observe the environment, and pay attention to the terminals, otherwise you can be wandering around for ages not knowing what to do or where to go. If you just want a straight run’n’gun FPS game, the first Marathon is fine for that, but 2 and especially 3 aren’t about that, so you may want to look elsewhere if that’s what you want.


there was no multiplayer involved and this is America I do what I want


I’ll come to your garbage country and put crosshair tape on every one of your wallabies!!!


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