That’s fair. I don’t think Mikami’s games are as good at teaching playstyles as they are at enforcing them through difficulty and scoring (contrast with classic Castlevania/Souls games which do a very good job teaching the slow, cautious playstyle and aggro management). And I’m not even certain the ideal flow is possible within the campaign, which always seemed to run out of spawn waves just as I was getting into a rhythm, or forced me to wait out an autoscrolling segment.

I ‘liked it a lot’ until the horde/arcade mode actually presented the game in the loop it desired.


Worth noting in Vanquish is that for whatever reason the disc launcher melee attack doesn’t wipe out your meter at all.

When I finished Vanquish I felt like I still had no idea how the game wanted me to play it and I consider that to be a rather serious flaw. I also generally do not like Platinum games though (this is the game that reinforced that notion).


I have a friend who is working on something kinda like this, let me find a video…


This is marvelous!!


the Gunstar Super Death is so good in this


Oh I forgot about Action Doom which is also similar to what you describe. I played it a lot back in the day.



It’s me, the guy who likes Doom 3


preeeety sure that’s actually Half-Life OG


they really really shouldn’t have let you disable the lighting in games from that era

I remember my friend’s dad trying to play FEAR looking similarly to that on some old-ass geforce 2 and convincing himself he was having a great time

honestly I can barely think of anyone I’ve known in real life who was seriously into then-high-end PC games and didn’t have a machine that was either extraordinarily underpowered or extraordinarily overpowered at any given time


I know my brother played through Half-Life 2 on a Voodoo Banshee and it looked pretty similar to this; no shadowmaps, all textures at flat light settings. He also professed to enjoy it!

Turns out Hardware T&L is just a “suggestion”


gears of war on a radeon 9600 was also pretty interesting iirc

I wound up hooking it up to a TV through s-video because it actually looked less bad that way than dropping my monitor resolution down far enough


Nope. It’s doom 3 alright, just with the dynamic lighting turned off and run at the lowest possible settings.

Unless that’s the joke and it just went over my head in which case, well played, sir. Well played.


yeah, seeing these (and more of the hallways at the link) show how strongly the game’s industrial pipes, grates, hallways, even soda machines derive from Half-Life. It’s just got a heavy enough lighting pass that it doesn’t appear to be so similar, normally.


I’m very glad these images are still up and hosted after almost 13 years.



apparently they made all the multiplayer DLC free all of a sudden

anyone want to play on PC with me?