Discourse/SB2 Protips


whoa ok also the links in the reccommended threads bit at the bottom of the page are offset by y-10 px or smth??


yeah uh someone blew up the desktop stylesheet pretty bad


Hmmm, I haven’t touched it. Last time I was messing with one was a week ago, and that wan’t the default.


Wow yeah, this is wacko. There’s nothing special in the default theme that’s not in any others though, as far as I can tell.


Only changes in the logs are me 8 days ago and me 8 minutes ago MYSTERY


Like, the only difference between ‘default’ and ‘onecoin’ is the colours and the PM background colour.


Changing the colours (to the same colours) seems to have fixed it?


it probably had to get recompiled


is this where we complain about discourse? tracking seems to have stopped working for new threads for me, i have orange circles next to the New Topic box in all the forum categories, and have “Automatically track topics i enter” set to immediately, but i still encounter threads which have new posts in them, but no number next to them showing how many new posts.


Ditto, I’ve seen it drop new threads in the past week or two, in categories that should be ‘track all new threads’.


yeah, that seems to have happened since the most recent update

I’ll check their issue tracker later on this week


was someone trying to upload a whole bunch of images just now?

dozens of optipng processes kept spawning and blocking the other threads on the server

just curious if this was intentional, it’s OK if so


can we roll back the “see who’s replying” thing pls pls pls

it is just way too creepy, worst UI feature since leaving people on read


Oh, is that what that weird avatar pop up in the post editor is about? There’s no explanatory text on mobile. I’ll look and see if there’s an option to flip it off, or if it’ll be a more complex fix (because I think it’s kinda weird too; a forum is not realtime chat)


I couldn’t find a toggle but I also like the feature


the new red / orange tones to the forum logo are amazing! they mix with the greens so well. props to whoever was responsible for that~


right?? that’s all @The_Blueberry_Hill

PS: I am aware that the site is going down for a couple minutes a day in the middle of the afternoon lately – we’re running below minimum spec at this point and sometimes the worker threads get overloaded. I will probably bump the server up a tier at some point in the near future; right now the problem automatically corrects itself and never lasts long so I’m dragging my feet.


Probably just a fluke tbh. I just quickly replaced two colours, and I’m on a laptop with a screen that isn’t well calibrated. But thanks~!


The latest Discourse update has changed the UX on things again, as is pretty normal. Let us know if something looks extremely broken.

The new post window style is uh, bad. I’m pretty sure it’s bad in all dark themes. Not sure what a good approach to tweaking it is right now.


Whoa uh

I bet this looks cool on mobile