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I was a bit sad when I noticed the little blobs were gone. They’re my favorite


Google changed them along with the latest release of Android because there was “confusion” caused by how they look similar enough to iOS/non-Google Android emojis, which is true but also like, have you seen any other emoji set, they’re all horrific?


Apologies if this has been asked before, but: I’d like to be able to search the archived old original Selectbutton forums, but the crappy old lurker account I had on there doesn’t seem to exist any more, or my login doesn’t work. Is there any way to make a new account or otherwise search that site?


what’s the account? I can change the password on it for you.


I think the username was: Meow


no one by that name!

and hilariously I can’t figure out how to actually add a new user with the way the archive is

what happens if you try to sign up?


Weird, I just dove back into my old emails and I definitely made an account called Meow in 2013. I wonder if it got automatically deprecated due to lack of activity or something. When I tried to make a new account, it loaded for a long time and then gave me a 504 Gateway Timeout error.


ok, so new signups definitely don’t work, that’s not too surprising, the db might not even be writable, I can’t really remember what I did when I migrated it

uhhhh, I’ll think of a solution for this


Thanks for looking into it, I appreciate it!


I know I totally forgot to give you grad program advice even after finding out that you have the same undergrad degree as I do too so I am going to make it up to you here, I swear

I will probably just steal a definitely-long-inactive account and give it to you tbh, it’s a terrible solution but it’s probably the least destructive


That solution would work for me too as long as it’s not likely to mess up someone else’s ability to search!

No worries about that old advice thing, I always have trouble responding to messages of that sort myself.


uhhh which one? samvera or dataverse?


Time to take this to PMs!


hahaha, no shit

well, glad you obviously didn’t need my advice

tell phil hi for me


Hah, Phil rules.


oi did someone try a new mobile stylesheet or am i just not loading something properly


Looks normal here. Which theme are you using?


the default


It’s not just mobile, because I’m seeing it on my PC. Big ass avatars sitting on top of posts instead of beside them and other formatting all screwed up with the default theme. Others seem to work fine.


This is happening on my desktop as well.