Discourse/SB2 Protips

  • This forum has ‘wiki posts’. This is one of them, and you can edit it as you see fit.

  • You can unpin any topic, and it will be unpinned for only you. I’ve probably already unpinned this one :bbcool:

  • We have emoji/ticons, and you can suggest custom ones.

  • There are two ways to quote a post: Either you press the reply button on that post, then press the speech bubble button on the very left of the toolbar, or you can select the text you want to quote and select the ‘quote’ button that should appear when you release left click.

  • Embedding videos and audio is usually as simple as posting the URL of the page. Same goes from posting hyperlinks, and images from Imgur etc.

  • You can use some HTML. For example you’ll need to use <br> to insert blank lines. <del> and <strike> for strikethrough.

  • And enclosed text in graves to insert code. There’s also a <pre> tag.

  • You can move topics you’ve started between forums by editing the topic’s title.

  • You can @ people and they’ll receive a notification of your post.

  • Click on a person’s avatar then click on their name to get to their profile.

  • You can jump to any forum through the hamburgular menu next to your profile icon.

  • Archives of the old forum, and the older forum are at [forums.selectbutton.net] (http://forums.selectbutton.net/) and icarchives.selectbutton.net.

  • When you post a URL Discourse will often turn it into somthing a bit more fancy (EG Youtube embed, Steam Store link). If you would like to post a plain hyperlink you can do so by wrapping it in angle brackets < > IE <http://store.steampowered.com/app/1>

  • There’s no ignore function built-in, but if you have uBlock Origin, or I assume something similar, you can create a rule that’ll hide posts but a user as long as you grab their user ID.
    Here are the steps to follow:
    But use this link instead of the one they provide:

  • Alternative way to block/ignore people:

  • If you give away a pint of blood on Select Button you give away a pint of blood in real life.



errata: Old SB forums are actually at http://forums.selectbutton.net, not forum, but I’ve taken then down temporarily as MySQL was making me angry. You get the ic archives to tide you over meanwhile.


overall I’m loving new SB. The ONLY downside I think is that I can get lost in the mega threads sometimes. Anyone else having that issue?


How about resurrecting SB Recommends.


you mean http://wiki.selectbutton.net/sb:recommended:titlescreen ?


Ya let’s do it again.


Why can you see the editing history of some posts but not others?


@Iacus posters can choose to share edit history of their posts or not, it’s a toggle in preferences



I’ll see-through the background and add it when I get time~


You can create polls in your posts:

- Play God Hand
- don't Play God Hand

Full details in the discourse docs for polls.


I like the new forum software. These beans are cool. I mean, legitimately, this is unlike forum software I have seen before. Is this a custom system?

Is there a FAQ as to what the change is all about, however? Speaking as someone who has a tendency to storm in every blue moon, make a mess, and then leave again? Is it just that the old phpBB finally outlived its bug-free life?


It was all an elaborate ploy to have me unbanned

I infected Felix and now all is lost


No real impetus for the move; there was finally a viable-enough platform that was sufficiently more modern than phpbb that when I threw up a demo instance on a new server and some other folks took the time to customize it, everyone else actually went with it.

That, and our phpbb was a fork of a decade-old release that was effectively not maintained anymore, running on an old dreamhost server, and toups hadn’t really had the time or inclination to be in charge in ages.


I was wondering about the absence of that Cajun funk around here…

Right on. Good initiative, keeping things going. And wow, this is neat software.


A week before we made the move to New SB every post in the admin forum of Old SB disappeared. For no reason. Things like that just kind of happened, and we decided we had to move if we didn’t want the whole damn thing to just implode one day.


Right. phpBB always was bug-and-hack-prone at the best of times. Ten years later, it’s best to just distance one’s self from that.

It’s ten years for SB now, isn’t it? Nearly?


this december I think


It’s funny how much a decade changes one’s perception of time.