Discourse/SB2 Protips


Oh, so hang on. I’m slow. The forum is built on Discourse? That makes sense. I hadn’t really been paying attention, but I knew it sounded familiar. It’s by one of the two guys who did this:


I’ve had him on my Twitter feed for a few years now, and he keeps yammering about this project of his. So, this is what that is. Interesting…


@aderack that link is broken

can we move the non-PROTIPS to another thread plssss


Hm. Link works for me…

Maybe try this?


You don't have permission to access /game-maker/index.php on this server.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


Both links working fine here.


Looks like you’re probably in a blocked IP range. Let me know your IP (or the first couple of parts of it) and I’ll see how it compares to my htaccess file.


I’m in AS46375 :


Roger. Will compare when I get home.


Yeah, that falls into a blocked IP range. I must have been getting some suspicious traffic from a neighbor of yours. I’ve commented that out now…


I still miss phpbb :frowning2:


how do I make the emojis not enormous I hate that :frowning2: :frowning2: :frowning2:


You just need to hack it a little.


why are post numbers usually orange but sometimes grey?


Depends on how you’re tracking it.


Orange is new+unread, grey is just unread.

Maybe saying grey is unread but not new is clearer.


oh cool! what about when the total post count is orange or grey or grey-orange?


Hmmm. I’ve never noticed tha before. I assume just popularity? Like, some kind of view/post/time formula.




is there a way to make emojis not huge just for me?


yeah, if you’re willing to use something like stylish to override your own browser CSS