Discourse/SB2 Protips




I mean just in my posts, and I want them to appear that way to everyone else


why are they so big to began with anyway?


botagel did it. that’s not the default.




think I preferred pages to eternal scrolling. in big threads the earlier posts might as well just not exist anymore after a certain point, who is ever going to go back and dig through it. like every thread is a mini axe. otherwise I’m not as nostalgic for the old forum as I thought I’d be.


yeah, the megathreads are problematic this way, I agree. otherwise I too have few complaints


The old ones are in there too, if that helps :bbcool:


that’s pretty much my only other complaint. I wish there was at least an option to paginate. oh well!


this normal sized smiley is haunting me

at least as far as I can tell, it does not have the normal old bbcode frowny face, which is the one I want to use the most

tbh I’d rather I could just it display as ascii text



But if it discourages the use of smileys, I can put up with the annoyance when I need to use a sadface myself


I still think the only snilies you need are Sad and Confused.


fair counterpoint

truth. maybe I can add in normal sized ones of this variety just for me to use


In my case it’s sadface and justkidding, but I agree with the sentiment.

Oh, add the aubergine emoji. Then you are set for life


Great name for a hipster band: Aubergine Emoji.



“the aubergines”


is there a way i can permanently hide threads. i feel bad about doing this but there are a few times where i have to.

bonus points if there’s a method that works for both desktop and mobile


you know the section at the end of a thread that says “Tracking” or “Normal”? You can set a thread to muted. It’s not completely hidden but you won’t see notifications and it won’t show up in latest posts for you. If you need more than that, I haven’t yet figured out what to block to make a thread actually disappear.


ah, this is what i needed! thanks~


For me, “normal” is muted because I track everything by default and navigate completely through the unread posts mechanism.