Discourse/SB2 Protips


how do tall avatars work

what is your secret @parker


gifs aren’t cropped


yeah just make it a gif


oh ok cool


did you mean to severely downsample the colours on that when you converted it?

it’s cool either way but

you can just do convert image.png image.gif if you have imagemagick and even on windows it’s not hard to install


oh don’t mind me, i’ve just been messing with image compression options to see what they look like on here


anyone else been having intra-forum links not rly work?

like I hit a link in the recommended topics, and it just reloads the thread I’m already on. or I click the logo and nothing happens. last time this happened I’d gone Back in browser history, the URL in the bar was just selectbutton.net, and I’m on an iPad


Yeah, same, one of the links in will just not work and will instead stick me way way up in the topic I’m viewing. Doesn’t matter if I just click on it til it works, or hold it down and open it in the same tab. I think it’s an iOS or Safari issue.


hey is there a place to request titles? could mine be “remote-viewing bio frame” please? thx



like, it’s a cool Idea, just move it to the margins…


discourse update for a ‘feature’ that is completely busted if you changed anything about the layout on the forum


In the stock Discourse appearance, it is in the sidebar. The “problem” is the default post width is obnoxiously narrow, so we fixed it. Ah, the cutting edge.


thanks for the quick fix! I pushed the update through because I had to update our letsencrypt certs and we were having DNS issues anyway, I both did not expect our CSS overrides to break again and did not expect you to fix it so quickly.


Strictly speaking, our CSS overrides didn’t break this time! They added a new feature! Which happens to clash badly with our overrides!

There are a couple of things we’re doing with CSS (and Handlebars template) overrides right now that I’d like to roll into plugins eventually, just because then they’ll be less sensitive to changes like the time a few months ago when they redid a bunch of the template/page rendering code entirely.


well either way, thanks.


the number on the progress bar seems to check the middle of the page instead of the bottom now and it’s breaking my brain. Change is Bad


Is there a way for me to track/mark a thread in the middle of reading it?

Basically the problem I’m having is that I read part of a thread and I want to come back to it, but if I scroll all the way to the bottom to track it then it marks all the posts in between as read and then I don’t know where I left off.

Is there a way to track a thread without scrolling to the bottom?


you could bookmark it?


Oh, I see. I can even bookmark individual posts. That’ll work.


The post counter getting updated only past the middle of the screen is a bit aggravating.

My own posts are showing up as unread when they are the last ones in the thread because of this.
Is there a way to revert it to the previous setting?