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I’ll have a look this weekend and see if I can find where the change was made.


What happens if I click the Dismiss… button in the unread posts page? I’m afraid to click because I don’t want to lose all my unread list.

Is there a quick way to dismiss a single thread you are no longer interested in following? Or do you have to open it and “read” to the bottom?


The “Dismiss” button gives you a pop-up warning before it does anything. If you don’t check the box it pops up, it just marks all the topics in your “unread” list as “read” until the next time there’s a post in one; if you check the box, it also “untracks” all of the threads so they won’t keep showing up in your list.

If you just want to dismiss one thread, open it, hit the END key to swing to the bottom, and change the “Tracking” option to “Normal” or “Muted” depending on your feelings on the topic. I don’t think there’s a way to do it for single topics without entering them.


can i have my title be ’ exuberant ouroboros ’ please?


Incidentally, because I’m not sure anything to this effect is written down: you own and retain the rights to your posts and all of their content, intellectual property, whatever. But the admins and moderators reserve the right to archive, fuck with and/or delete them as they appear on this (or future iterations of this) website.


That’s a neat proviso.


do all three user profile pics get resized to the same set of resolutions?
are the original images retained anywhere?


Hey, was anyone else having massive issues with the mobile site until roughly 5 minutes ago?


I’ve been using it a little over the last few hours and it seemed OK? what was up


Buttons, overlays, and I guess the tables were all screwed up and everything was sort of sized for desktop. The response boxes migrated to the far bottom of the page since it wasn’t an overlay, and it typed in white on a white background. I think it started Wednesday. Didn’t bother downloading another browser to test if it was Safari-only.


looks like it couldn’t retrieve the CSS or something. Could be related to Friday’s DNS disaster, but was ok on my end.


What was the unlabelled mystery button




while trying to learn about discourse features i’ve discovered that jeff atwood has literally said that centering text is as unnecessary and irritating as the blink tag

just thought y’all would like to know


can we add support for the blink tag in that case


Get rid of the html tag whitelist in general tbh

bring the wild west back

let me embed stupid shit into my posts and have it marquee across the screen


I’d actually support whitelisting just marquee and blink


Do any browsers support Blink anymore?


Has he literally said that?

Wow, let’s remember this and hold it against him for the rest of his life!


To be fair, he’s an extremely poor product manager.