Discourse/SB2 Protips




could reimplement it in js if we had to


Oh yeah that’s a very stupid thing to say, but why even bring it up?




i was trying to center some text in a post and was sad when i couldn’t and the reason turned out to be sillicon valley puritan-programmer dickishness

also i can do what i want jeez


Product managers who ignore their users make terrible products.


Well, Discourse is turning out fairly well despite all that.


i don’t think attwood needs an apologist


yeah I mean I adore this software and there’s nothing else really like it these days but dude’s still a jerk






Don’t put words in my posts!


please… [put your own words in your posts so we understand and don’t have to fill the gaps ourselves. Ok thanks, --falsedan]


what is the pattern that determines when you get a notification when something gets BP’ed? It seems like I get one the first time someone bps a post, but then after that don’t get them anymore, unless it has been a few days since anyone has bp’ed it, then I’ll get a notification again?

not a flaw at all, it just seems so mysterious to me


that’s exactly it as far as I can tell


you can change the setting for it along with all the other notification settings from the same screen you do stuff like changing your avatar


is there a way to tell discourse not to crop the images in a post


while we’re at it, how come i’ll get the full span of an image when my ipad’s in landscape but the right side is cropped in all but the smallest cases when it’s portrait


Hey @index-j how do you do the expandable spoiler thing

words to click on


(Seems disorderly and unreliable around images of very vertical proportions dimensions and images set beside one another. Interestingly, I could only post the exact Discourse syntax there with an invisible spoiler tag inside the syntax, as [code][/code] automatically shows html tags instead.)

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