Discourse/SB2 Protips


This feels like a dumb question but do we have a setting on 2.0 SB to disable autoplays? I had assumed that there was one and that I had enabled it day one but I noticed a twitch vid autoplaying in the Athena topic and going through the actual settings page if it is there I keep missing it.


I think there are a few sites that autoplay due to botagel’s plugin enabling more embeds but being unable to change the defaults for them


I don’t remember doing anything that should effect the Twitch embed, but I can absolutely believe the Twitch embed and/or its wrapper defaults to auto-playing. If it’s caused by the wrapper, we could maybe do something about it. I’ll look sometime when I want to create work for myself.


? !



discourse isn’t letting me change my av from any device i try, it uploads 100% and then just stops. same thing seems to be happening with posting images?

hopefully there’s an easy fix? in the meantime should i just pm the new pic to a mod or something? idk


A more formal and recent request for rotating avatar support. I swear I’ll be relatively restrained with it, anyway.


Like how do I post videos here, I really don’t feel like making something private on my youtube channel to share what would have been a Vine in a better universe


if it’s really short, you can encode it as a webm, but I’d really prefer you just post it to youtube or whatever, because video storage is $$$


Also in the Feature Requests for SB’s use of Discourse: an actual Quote Post button instead of having to highlight particular bits of text and not being able to do such with images / spoilers / detail-tabs / etc


press reply on post, press the speech bubble button next to the buttons for bold and italics. If you highlight it, it indicates the button is to ‘quote whole post’


PMs should now have a probably still too bright shade of green for their backgrounds, so it’s easier to tell them apart from regular posts.

Please complain and/or suggest better colors here.




how do i make the words bigger i might need it in the near future


#You can make things headers, but there’s no proper way to resize text on markdown

# header 1
## header 2
### header 3 etc




is there a way to bulk-upload images from mobile (android)




Is there a reason why the number of topics/posts created doesn’t show up on profiles for me?


They’re displaying – the CSS is just coloring them as black on black, for some reason. There are a few places like this, mostly in the admin interface so I’ve never gotten around to figuring out what we broke.

e: actually, this one is not my fault! For some reason, that element is hard-coded to be black in the relevant SCSS file. Probably the same for the admin glitches.


IMPORTANT EMOJI UPDATE: it looks like the Google Blob emoji are being added back in as an option in an upcoming Discourse update. I don’t think it’s in the current beta build, but probably the next one they release. I’ll keep an eye on it and poke @Felix to bounce the site again once that’s pushed out.