Discourse/SB2 Protips


it still looks pretty weird on mobile honestly. it’s a strange redesign.



According to a casual Inspecting, it looks like the reason why threads in the Input category are further indented is this class in compose.scss:

.category-input {
  margin-left: 10px;  

The problem is I have no idea where this actually came from? It doesn’t obviously seem to be from one of our theme changes – at least not in the copies I have on my HDD that I can search – and I didn’t see it in the relevant(?) source files in the git source. I don’t know enough about how Discourse actually compiles the several dozen stylesheets to know what’s really happening. shrug


Since they decided to make the “users replying to this topic” display pop up in the thread itself as well as in the reply window, I’ve removed that (or tried to). If you still see it, reload. If you still still see it, let me know.


the new colors are a bit…strong. striking. maybe even startling at times.
but I’m not much of a color guy. as long as it’s usable, I’ll adjust.

this new reply window seems to be weird, and also maybe bad? I can live with the preview on the bottom or the side, but now it no longer seems to be optional, and doesn’t seem to have it’s own scroll-bar/word-wrap - which can actually push the reply button unreachably off-screen if a post is long enough. I’m using a super-weird browser right now, so it’s likely not a problem for anyone else, but it doesn’t seem like good design. Maybe the reply button could be optionally moved above the reply form?
EDIT: whoops, didn’t think it through.


It should be possible to hide the preview with the “hide preview” button in the bottom right of the window. Is that not showing up for you?


Oh, duh. I just started typing and didn’t notice anything amiss until I saw the reply button had wandered off. That fixes the matter. Thanks for the reminder.


They’re just a Christmas thing :slight_smile:


we need to invert some of the white and black around the reply button and the post box and I don’t know what else, the weighting just feels really weird in dark themes now


It’s strange but it also feels like I’m using an old-school terminal. I’ll probably find this neat for a week.


the borderline brokenness is just weird as the dark themes have always been the reference implementation for discourse and it’s equally strange in mobile which we’re barely overriding. It does not feel like expected upstream behaviour.

speaking of which, you can still see other people typing on mobile. probably really easy to replicate the display: None there if we want to?


Good catch; I thought I put the override in the Common section but maybe the mobile version uses different classes, or I screwed up.

Even better; I’m an idiot and this was a plugin they promoted to default installation. I can just turn the dumb thing off.



I keep encountering a bug. After a few minutes of browsing I can no longer load the forum and get a page saying “Cannot load app - It looks like you are offline! Please check your network connection and try again.”

I can reload the website after I empty my cache (and then it recurs a few minutes later of browsing). It’s occurring with the latest version Firefox for the past few days. Not sure what’s the cause…


interesting! any other firefox users who can duplicate? I’m getting the impression this may not have been the best time for us to sync upstream but I haven’t encountered that issue.

although we just upgraded the site yesterday so if this was happening for you prior to then it’s probably a “problem” with firefox (read: all devs test against chrome & chrome derivatives only). I’ll report it upstream.


I’m a weirdo who actually uses Firefox so I’ll let you know if I run into this too.


also, just restating now that I’ve looked at a few other up-to-date discourse sites to confirm that our behaviour isn’t unusual: I still want to do this even if just with the reply button to see how it feels, not sure when I’ll get to it though


also I just eyeballed their hosting tiers for the first time in over a year and it turns out our little forum would be $300/mo if we were paying them for it as a service so

good thing we don’t mind doing this ourselves!


Also a Firefox userer, but haven’t hit that error.


OK, so yesterday’s update didn’t fix the downtime, but I’ve just now caught the thing that was running on the server at the same time every day and nixed it. shouldn’t happen again!


grrrrr it’s still happening, hang on, I gotta pause the discourse container so I can grow swap


OK, all set

let’s hope this does it

sorry for the downtime folks